Teachers: Abuse and Power

For many years, teachers have held a significant amount of power over children in the classroom. It seems hard to imagine a classroom without a teacher in it, however, it is argued that teachers have too much power.

In today’s society, it is difficult for children to confront a teacher. A teacher may be bullying a student due to their gender, or ethnicity. Does their power cause them to be abusive? With much speculation, this topic has become a very intriguing argument. What teachers must understand is to have a safe classroom environment we must raise the number of democratic schools. The democratic school system would give students equally and better learning opportunities, opposed to the way most schools are run today.

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We must encourage schools self-discipline, to create an equal and safe community. The problem lies in the teachers. Sometimes teachers gain too much control over the students and oppress their students. This causes the teacher to give children little say and/or be biased. While some teachers use their power to benefit students, the majority are slightly biased; whether it is noticeable or not. A key aspect discussed is teacher’s abuse of power in schools.

Considering the importance of children’s education, it is crucial for children to receive the best teaching. Many students see them as mentors, and when a teacher brings one of them down, it can hurt the student’s feelings and education. Many children are singled out for something that could be as little as asking for a pencil. According to Today News, a 6th grader attending Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina was ‘humiliated’ when a teacher said her skirt is for ‘clubbing’ in front of the whole class. When teachers call students out in front of the class, it suggests that the teacher is trying to publicly shame them.

It is also important to take into account that some teachers can wear ‘bodycons’ while children can be dress coded for wearing clothing like this. This shows that dress codes don’t apply to most teacher. As a consequence to these students, teachers publicly shame them. If a teacher saw another teacher wearing inappropriate apparel it would be unlikely for them to call the student out. Teachers should demonstrate good behavior to lead the class in the right direction. Both teachers and students should have the same dress code rules.

When teachers and students are treated so differently, teachers tend to use power negatively: which can only cause a bad classroom environment. Unlike students, teachers can call a student out for something they don’t approve of. However, if the teacher was disrupting the classroom it becomes difficult for a student to call out the teacher for being disruptive. There are many other ways for a teacher to control children without embarrassing them and lowering self-confidence. For those who are teachers that continue to act this way, you -should consider the evidence: this way of teaching would lead the school in the wrong direction for the school’s future.

According to the Socjoural, there are many forms of emotional abuse that can take place when a teacher targets a student. These come in various forms, such as isolation, degradation, and rejection. All three of these components contribute to teachers abusing their power and the effects it has on the students. In addition, students greatly benefit from teacher rewarding good behavior opposed to displaying them in front of their class, which is abusing their power. In today’s society, there’s a lot of racism in the classroom.

A teacher at Norman North High school admits to being racist in the classroom. He says “To be white is to be racist, period.” This not correct, however, it shows how teachers can be racist. Another source shows how a teacher shockingly screams at pupils she describes as “idiots” and “stupid” – and tells them that if they don’t pay attention they will wind up being a “punk a** n****” who is going to get shot”. Not only does racism have a big effect on the student personally it also has a big affect on their education: mostly in that class.

I have been targeted as a girl in the gym. Not only are girls in today’s society abused in classroom physically, but they are also considered “weaker.” Whether the women was athletic, the males were considered “better” at sports to this teacher. To conclude, this evidence shows how teachers abuse power in many forms. Consequently, children’s self of steam and focus can become a struggle in the classroom. This has a huge impact on students.

Many teachers are biased and racist towards students. Not only do teachers single students out; which is unnecessary, but they treat students with less respect. Teachers in classrooms today have too much power over children. They can show bad examples like being gender biased, racist and publicly shaming students. Teachers power can and will be used negatively in a classroom whether it is intentional or not.

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