Teachers from Hell

Teachers are bats from hell. They fly violently into your life, screeching in your ear, and leaving you emotionally destroyed. Don’t get me wrong, not all teachers are fun-sucking satists. Some will always be willing to help you out with anything you have a question about.

But even some of those teachers can be the worst people in your life. Assignments piled on top of assignments. Night after night, leaving their students, or victims I should say, clawing and slaving away at meaningless homework just in order to get some damn sleep. I have no doubt in my mind that 90 to 100 percent of teachers are mean, meaningless oppressors, who only waste space on our earth to destroy our social lives and all that we hold dear. Let’s take John for example. (Disclaimer; again, all teachers are not bats from hell.

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) Most teachers that I has had have been though. From salty attitudes given to him about not stapling papers right or giving afterschool sessions for showing up to class 5 minutes late. John has also come to believe that all teachers are narcissists in some way shape or form. Some think the class is all about them. By this I mean certain teachers will not allow time for questions. This is one of the main reasons John was sent in to a lower math class, even though he knew he could be challenged so much more.

Teachers also take off points for the little things he observed. Sometimes, yes, this is reasonable depending on the assignment. Yet most teachers fail to realize how much effort some people will put in to their work, such as John. Other than teachers being an oppressive burden, John also thought that some teachers were useless to him. Again, John realized the situation is different for every student, just not most of the ones he had. John wanted to be a music teacher when he grew up.

He would go home every day and practice whatever instrument he could get a hold on. But before that, John had to complete his homework for every subject he had no intention of using information from in his future. English was the one exception because it allowed him to structure his creativity more efficiently. But John always thought about why he was learning the pythagorean theorem, or about thermonuclear energy, when all he wanted to do was teach people how to perhaps play a few chords on a piano, learn how to do taxes and maybe learn how to be a better human being in general. John also thought about how much teachers destroyed and stomped on his dreams of having his ideal social life. Sure John could go out on weekends, but during weekdays, it was an all out assignment warfare.

The opposing side attacks with countless papers and mind-numbing brain labor, as John would always counter with giving up sleep, parties and friends, just so he could finish a paper that could cost him big points in the long run. John also had to hold down two to three jobs throughout the year to help support his family and pay for his college. On top of all that, the average teenage drama piled in during points of his life. All of these factors left John feeling miserable every day, having to get up and suffer through it all the next day all over again. For these reasons, John believed very well that a few of his teachers might very well be from hell.

As John thought about how teachers affected his life, the more he realized that he plays and lives by their agenda. John’s plans for going to a party Saturday night could change in an instant if he is given a paper or a project. John didn’t need to learn half the things he did and he knew it. John was judged solely based on his grades, never his effort, and for this some looked down on him. John had to work at least 4 days a week, giving him headaches and body pains.

John thought maybe, just maybe, if certain teachers of his didn’t give as much homework, maybe he could catch an extra hour of sleep. Maybe that extra hour of sleep will put him in a great mood. Maybe that great mood will carry on to that night’s shift, allowing him to think more clearly, getting his life back on track. I guess John will never know, since most of his teachers have come from hell.