Technology in the Classroom

Technology in classrooms help kids but also could be a very big distraction.

There are many different school websites that your schools allow you to go on such as your grades, your assignments, and many more. There are also many website that are blocked or you just shouldn’t go on them in class like games. If the teacher wants you to look it up in a book and they allow to use your computer then you could get the information much quicker by doing a quick Google search. If you need to write an essay, you could write on Google Drive and not on paper which usually doesn’t happen because teachers like hard copies better.

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I think having computers or iPads in the room is a huge benefit to the class because they could search up things they don’t know the meaning of. Also, if you have an essay you could research your topic and find a lot of websites that could help you with all the information they have. Another reason technology is good for the classroom is because teachers can send you the classwork right to your computer without having to print out 100 copies for students in every class period; also when they give you work on the computer you can hand it in and it grades it for you so it saves your teacher a lot of time. With all the lessons on technology when the students first get their computers they will be ready for the work world because they might know more than the next person if their schools didn’t havecomputers for them to learn on. When the students get classwork they get to learn on their own pace because they can take it home and submit it from the computer rather than rushing in class to turn in a piece of paper. Having technology could also teach kids the lesson of caring about what is not yours because these are the school computers not their personal so they might not take as good care of them as they would if they were their own.

If students enjoy learning at their own pace and don’t like to rush things or they just don’t get the lessons that the teacher went over in class they can always go on Google and search up what they did and get a video of someone explaining it a little better than their teacher did. When students work on technology rather than paper they remember the information better TechHub did a test and had eighteen 2nd grade students compete a powerpoint on an animal that they were assigned, when the students finished the powerpoints they were asked to write down facts about their animal 16 out of the 18 were able to recite facts. This shows you that when students use technology to learn information they have a better retention rate than using hard copies of books or articles. If they wanted to find something specific they could always just search exactly what they wanted by searching word for word of what their question is and getting an exact answer. On the other though technology could also be a big disruption in the classroom.

The students could play games while supposed to be doing work or shopping for new things they want. Schools are taking many actions to make the internet a safe area for students by blocking websites that aren’t school appropriate such as games, social media, shopping websites, and more. All in all, technology could be very helpful and be a big aid to classrooms throughout the world. They have advantages but also some disadvantages as well. Many go as far as to say “technology changed my life.”