Technology, where will it bring us?

Technology, advanced and effortless, is everywhere. I remember in first grade, we would walk in everyday and learn cursive for 15 minutes. Now, I walk into my classes and jump on a Chromebook.

When I’m not using a laptop, I look up to the computerized whiteboard. What happened to real whiteboards? Real books? Real paper? This is a slight adjustment for some kids in our schools. For so long we have had this vision of school, (sitting down at a personal desk, and jotting down notes as the teacher spoke), and now that is changed. I bet you remember when all you needed for school is paper and pencils and a binder. Now we need a computer to do everything at home.

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The school might as well put ‘computer’ on our school supplies list, now that we will be using them every night for homework. My school spends $250 per laptop. In my opinion, it would be less costly if the teacher had a computer, and we had to write everything down. By why do I want to get rid of all these computers so bad? To get more money for more important things. If we still had computer labs to go there for the required research, we could use our saved money for better school lunches, field trips, and newer resources. Plus, we would still have computers in the lab.

I don’t have anything against using laptops in class. In fact, I really enjoy them. But I think the amount of computers in tremendous. So tremendous, that we should re-consider our resources. Sure, getting a hand cramp is annoying and painful, but does anyone realize getting a hand cramp, or worse, carpal tunnel is possible if you are typing your life away? Next time you hop on a computer at school, think of this: why? Why are we on these computers? I am going to surf the internet and not get my work done anyway. I interviewed my grandmother who has Carpal Tunnel.

When I asked her what her doctor thought the cause of the pains in her lower arm were, and she replied, “working on a computer for 8 hours a day was too much continuous pressure on my wrist.” This does not mean you are going to come down with the disease from being on the computer. There is even a chance you will get it from writing instead of typing. Carpal Tunnel is one of many consequences from continuous typing. With healthy exercise and diet, you will not need to worry about anything going wrong with your body and a computer.

Besides Carpal Tunnel, there is eyestrain. Getting it would be the end of the world, but it definitely would not be pleasant. Eye Strain effects 64% to 90% of office workers that use computers all day long. To this day, there is no proven health disorder caused by computers or technology.