Teen Gang Violence

Thousands of teens have been shot killed or injured due to gang violence. According to (Do- Something.org) “86% of U.S.

cities with a population of 100,000 of more report gang activity”. Gang members are okay with minors joining gangs and losing their lives for the good of the gang. Even though many believe kids are not dying from joining gangs, we must stop early deaths due to gang activity through more parental involvement and keeping kids busy with extra-curricular activities. Due to lack of parental involvement in the teen’s life many of them might join gangs to find a role model to guide them to be successful. Also, when they don’t find that role model they will stick with the gang and would want to be in it.

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Often times when the gang will initiate the teen by jumping him or passing a crime that might include murder, theft, gang rape and drive by. There have been many deaths due to gang violence because of many teens joining the gangs and doing the crimes that the members tell them to do. Many bystanders die early because of the territories they walked in and didn’t know about and have been mistaken to be another gang. Also, many have been shot, jumped or injured because of their clothing. Gang members wear certain kinds of clothing to be recognized as a part of the gang such as bandanas, tattoos and hand gestures to represent their gang.

Lots of people believe that gangs are the reasons our community are being damaged by their violence and also killing lots of people. Many believe kids are not dying from gangs. On the contrary, gangs have killed lots of teens because of them wearing the wrong colors. Gangs use various names to represent their crew, clique, or gang. ‘’Gang members are 60 times more likely to be killed than non-gang members’.’ In the last several decades, gang violence has been increasingly deadly and has been killing many innocent people by automatic weapons such as drive by gang conflict.

Many believe gangs are not killing innocent people however; many people have lost their life because of a gang member having a shootout or doing a drive by with another gang. We have to stop the violence many teens’ children have died or joined a gang cause of parental involvement. People have been mistaken because they wore the wrong color there should be enforcements soon as possible many have lost their life and were waiting for the violence to stop.