That Cliche High School

The talking of at least one hundred kids deafens my ears. I can barely hear myself think, ruining every bit of peace I have left in my body from my sleep the night before.

Looking around I see an infinite amount of people. Some sit on the floor, leaning against the wall lazily, simply hanging out and talking with friends. Other people sit engulfed in their school books, taking those last couple minutes to study so they can get a perfect score on the test that is either going to make or break their grade. Despite the fact that it is so early in the morning, some kids sprint after each other, with what seems like no effort, making sure to get just enough energy out of their systems so they will be able to sit quietly in class. The first bell sounds and the chaos begins. Knowing they only have five minutes to get to class, everyone jumps up, grabs their backpacks, says goodbye and quickly rushes to get through their classroom doors before the second bell rings.

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Walking through the hallways, the classic, stereotypical generalizations of high school are easily noticed by the most unknowledgeable people. Everyone who attends high school can be categorized into four simple categories that are effortlessly found throughout the day. There are the people who overwhelmingly share everything with everyone, are creative beyond a normal person’s dreams, the people who don’t want anything but to receive the highest grade they can and the people who live for nothing but music. Admit it, we all look for these groupings to find potential friends One category of high school students would be the social networkers. People like this treat life like one huge social networking party.

They strive to say all the right things and have as many friends as possible, no matter how good of acquaintances these “friends” may actually be. Not to mention these people tend to always be tweeting and posting Facebook statuses about anything and everything that is happening in their lives at the moment. They tend to be the ones in class who are never able to keep their mouths shut. They are always socializing, gossiping with friends, or getting in trouble for having their phones out during lecture.

The social networkers seem to know everyone and everyone seems to know the social networkers. Whether they know everyone personally or only know them because of what they recently commented on their friends Facebook picture, they like to act as if they are best friends with every person who goes to the school and lives in the general area. This crowd always appears to be in intense competition with one another. Whether it is how many people waved to them that day or how many people retweeted the lyrics they put on Twitter, they like to compare their “scores” to the other people in their group by bragging about it to everyone.

Normally the social networkers are extremely approachable and easy to talk to considering they always know what is going on in everyone’s lives. When you go on Facebook or Twitter and you see that one person who posts every ten seconds, you know you are dealing with a social networker. Another grouping of high school kids would be the creatives. These are the people you can find sitting in art class completely focused on their project, not even looking up from it when everyone else in the class is talking and laughing. They can also be found doodling when they should really be paying attention and taking notes.

Don’t mistake this category to be filled with strictly artists, because that is definitely not the case. Anyone who participates in the arts, from painters and drawers to actors and musicians, would be considered a creative. The creatives tend to join up with other artists or inspired personas at school and outside the classroom. The creatives are always very skilled at what they do. Whether it is sketching or painting or singing or dancing, there is no doubt they will be the best at what they do.

Whenever there are projects due you can count on a beautiful masterpiece or intriguing performance. If you ever encounter a person drawing the people who walk by or someone who sings and practices dance moves as they walk down the halls, just know that right now they are part of the creative group that some people may think is weird, yet one day they may be famous. The try hards are yet another generalization that you could find in any cliche high school movie. You know, the ones always wearing glasses and holding that huge stack of books. Although the movies may not be completely accurate, the people included in this category are very focused on school.

Sometimes it seems as though they have no time for anything else but homework. They take insanely detailed, color coded, notes even if notes are not needed. They ask a lot of questions so they can get a deeper understanding of the subject. Even if the class topic for that day will never be useable in real life, the try hards always seem to be genuinely captivated by the lesson, even though their classmates can’t keep their eyes open. These kids never fail to turn things in on time. They finish long-term projects much earlier than any of the other students in the class.

If the try hards get anything less than an A, they will beg and plead to get it raised or study even harder than they did before to receive a better grade the next time around. These kids are normally the teachers’ favorite since they never cause any trouble in class and always take advantage of what is being taught. Although in high school this type of person may seem like they are wasting the so called best four years of their life doing homework and studying, in the end, they are going to be something, and that something is going to be big. The last category of high schoolers is the music lovers. This type of person could care less about what anyone else at school thinks of them.

They can be completely obnoxious or extremely quiet depending on the day and class. They are those kids in class who the teacher scolds for having their headphones in at all times. The music lovers normally sport band shirts and merchandise, loving to show off how amazing their favorite musicians are. Outside of class, you’ll find them hanging out at concerts, searching Youtube for upcoming artists and new tunes, jamming with their friends on their guitars and drums. Most music lovers are either learning or already know how to play an instrument.

They enjoy coming up with their own beats and lyrics, always exceeding to make a great song. Next time you hear a catchy beat tapping on the desk next to you, make sure you ask that music lover who their favorite artist is; it will start a great conversation. Next time you are walking down the halls of a high school, think about the stereotypes that you see and how that generalization could only add to the back story of that person.