The Change in Our Society

At the age of thirty five, Martin Luther King was the man who was given the Nobel peace prize at the youngest age. The man with a very important speech, “I have a Dream” which was voted the speech in the 20th century. This speech changed many thoughts about segregation. Martin Luther King changed segregation throughout his actions for the better good.

Martin Luther King moved the crowd through his actions. Martin Luther King went with many people through marches to stop segregation. One march Martin lead was in Washington 1963 to achieve civil rights for the people. Many other marches took place through the streets with lots of banners, Martin Luther King’s goal of this was to try and change the people’s minds on segregation. Martin Luther King changed segregation by his actions and many of his great actions. Martin Luther King changed the way people think after his astonishing speeches.

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Speaking over 2,500 times, and appearing where there was justice, protest, and action. His many speeches throughout many places. He told everyone there must be freedom and a change for all of us. Martin Luther king changed segregation through his admiral speeches and our law for civil rights. Martin Luther King as a leader made many changes in our law.

One of the major changes in our society is segregation. Through many things Martin Luther King went through a lot of troubles to give peace to many. His speeches and actions deserve a very big honor. Martin stopped the separation of blacks and whites, through all his accomplished doings. The things Martin Luther King changed many lives the way people live. His changes came through his speeches and actions.

His changes made everyone live free. Many people admired his as an honest and brave man to show his dreams. Martin Luther king’s dream was a huge success to him, “I have a dream” became true to Dr. K and to people all over the world!