The Changing Tunes of Music

Did you know that it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few years to create any type of musical composition? Beethoven, for example, took up to a few years to mull over the right combination of notes for his musical work. But, it can take some of today’s artists, like Beyonce, just a few minutes to write a hit song.Different types of music can be good for different things, as well. The lyric-less classical music, the heart and soul of rock and roll, and the catchy melodies of pop are just a few of the more widely known music genres today. One always recognizes the soft melodic measures or the bouncy tunes of classical music.

During the classical era (1750-1820), two composers dominated the period. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was a musical prodigy. By the age of three, he could play the piano. He composed over 600 works in his 35 years of living. Mozart’s style, like most music at the time, consisted of a clearer noise and a less complex arrangement. Some of his more popular compositions include Serenade No.

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13, or Eine Kleine Nacht-Musik, and Symphony No. 40, First Movement, Allegro. Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827) had a true talent for music. He died at the age of 56 and was partially/completely deaf for just over 20 years, but he created over 300 musical arrangements. In the latter portion of his life, Beethoven was deaf, but still composed many of his works because of the notes playing in his head.

Most people would recognize his Fifth and Ninth symphonies and his Moonlight Sonata. He used the classical style, but in some works, the Romantic style was used. The classical era sits in between the Baroque and Romantic periods and, not only does it provide entertainment, but it can help us. Studies have shown that classical music can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and help fight mental issues or pain, improve sleep, benefit your self-esteem, and enhance memory and alertness. Rock ‘n’ roll ranges from softer refrains to the head-banging drums and guitar of today.

There are certainly many types of rock music. The most known types of rock include heavy metal, alternative, and soft rock. Louder than most other types of rock music, heavy metal has a strong beat and sometimes sounds violent. Since the 1970s, this division of rock has increased in popularity. Bands that fall into this category include AC/DC, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, and Metallica. Alternative rock remains an unconventional rock form.

Loud, like heavy metal, it focuses more on the lyrics than other branches of rock. In the mid-1980s, alternative rock songs started popping up that were different than mainstream music. In the 90s, people embraced this new song type and it remains popular today. Nirvana, Fall Out Boy, Muse, and Blink-182 are just a few of the more popular alternative rock bands. Soft rock is a more lyrical and melodic rock.

The Eagles, Journey, Chicago, and the Beatles are all soft rock bands. Soft rock became mainstream in the 1970s and has slowly gained in popularity. Some experiments and studies revealed that rock music attracts creative and easy-going people. Rock can help people increase energy for exercise and can stimulate creativity in their brain.There is no doubt that the catchy measures of pop music get stuck in your mind.

Pop began around the 1950s in Britain where it referred to the popular or newly released music at the time, but eventually developed into a genre. Tuneful melodies within this genre lead to its use in most of today’s entertainment. In the ‘90s, pop was very favored, but received a greater amount of rejection in the early 2000s. The happy, bouncy music you probably think of when you first hear “pop music” refers to “bubble-gum pop.” Christian pop combines pop style music and Christian themes.

Disco and electric are branches of pop from the ‘groovy’ ‘70s and ‘80s. Classic pop changes to what is popular at the time. Madonna, known as the “Material Girl,” has enjoyed success since the 1980s. Michael Jackson (1958-2009), the “King of Pop,” produced many best-selling albums with his most successful track being “Thriller.” Beyonce, popular since the ‘90s, produced over 20 albums.

Pop music can motivate you to keep moving with its fast and fun tunes.Learning about different types of music and listening to them is entertaining and will certainly give you a new appreciation for the people behind these creations. Do you think that listening to old compositions could enhance your performance? Delving into the world of rock ‘n’ roll could help you find the type you enjoy most. Since it constantly evolves, would you consider listening to the ever-changing pop music? The different musical genres offer something for everyone. So, the next time you hear the smooth, sweet notes or hard, complex measures of any musical composition, see if you can tell in which era this arrangement belongs.