The Chosen Nation

I read many stories about people suffering around the globe.

When I bought newspapers or watched news on television I was always moved by shocking revelations that many people around the globe did not have even a single meal a day. Most of news articles stated that millions of individuals were suffering around the globe, especially citizens of third world countries (Gitlin and Leibovitz, 67). Apart from hunger, news reports indicated that diseases were common and mortality rates were extremely high. I have never liked seeing or hearing that other people are in danger or suffering. I have always believed that all people need to be given appropriate help so that they could also lead normal lives and perform other activities effectively. It dawned on me that most of these problems in the affected parts of the world could be effectively solved if individuals collaborated in an organized manner.

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I remembered that I always had many ideas when it came to helping other individuals. I thank my parents for giving me proper guidance as a young man. I had also learnt the spirit of sharing the little I had with other individuals thanks to my parents. I had an idea that I could help solve these problems by coming up with a project in my institution to help raise funds, which could be transferred to most of the developing countries that were facing humanitarian and even environmental problems all over the globe. I was determined and wanted to start this project in my homeland, Philadelphia.

I was focused and believed that my project was going to be a success. I shared the idea with most of my friends in our institution. This was a way to seek consensus and helped ensure that my project succeeded in what I really desired. I was excessively motivated by approval of most of my colleagues. The only step that was remaining to implement my plan into reality was to convince administration of our institution to give me the opportunity to articulate the issue to everyone in my institution (Cuffaro 76).

I was a bit shaken as I thought that the administration will not give me the green light to articulate my plan to other people. It was the desire of my heart to help raise funds that could be channeled to other countries through the American help agency. Luckily for me, I received an approval from the administration, which accepted my idea. They viewed it as a noble idea and motivated me to pursue it because it is important to help other people. They kept on encouraging me and I continued with my idea with high motivation.

I articulated the issue to the rest of the institution through public forums and posters that I put at strategic points in our institution. I was glad that the idea was being embraced without any resistance. I was motivated to pursue it to the end and to ensure that people suffering in different parts of the globe got necessary help they needed. I was impressed at the manner in which most people around the institution made their contributions to assist in reducing suffering of individuals around the globe. I named the project Americans for the World and I believed that it was going to be successful as it was already underway and doing extremely well.

The administration had also introduced me to other agencies around the country raising funds for people who face different problems around the globe. Many organizations raising funds to assist people suffering from hunger and other problems approached me. I had an opportunity to work with them in raising finances for the project. We moved around the country informing individuals about the significance of assisting other people in economies that were not stable. All I wanted was to see the project moving forward and delivering the required results. Many people appreciated aims of the project and pledged to raise more funds for it.

I remember in one of my speeches in front of American citizens I asserted that our time had come to assist other individuals around the globe. This was our time to give to other individuals around the globe because America is a blessed nation. It has a well performing economy and all other positive aspects related to politics and social life (Bates 89). I was encouraged by the appreciation of the issue all over the country. Through organizations we managed to raise sufficient funds that were geared towards assisting individuals in developing economies who were facing numerous problems. All money that were raised were channeled to the American Government so that it could be safely taken to respective countries that were experiencing hunger and other problems.

The Government was appreciative of the steps we had taken in order to help other nations around the world. The Government thanked us for promoting American spirit of helping other countries. These funds were effectively taken to other countries. Some time later we got the feedback that funds were used in alleviating some of the problems that people were facing. I experienced a feeling of relief and extremely high satisfaction. My dream of assisting other people had been achieved with the assistance of my fellow citizens, Americans.