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In the play A Raisin in the Sun Mama had to go through a lot of conflicts as she became older and older and the head of the family. Watching her husband, watching her husband labor day and night, working in other peoples kitchen day and night for twenty hours per day was not a life that everyone would want to live. Mama struggled a lot in life, but always had a plant that stayed with her until she had her husband, she always had it with her since then and always have kept it as a memory. As you can see in the movie the plant is really weak but Mama still uses sticks to support it to prevent the them from falling.The main reason I believe that the plant represents Mama is because it has been there since her husband was alive, and this is the main memory she kept from her husbands life. The plant represents her strength because as you know the plant is really weak and Mama’s power also gets weaker and weaker as the story goes on but somehow, like the plant is supported she is also supported.

So the plant also represents Mama’s strength. Mama says in the movie that, ” The plant has never had enough sunshine but still survives.” Which also symbolizes Mama’s life in her family and what she is going through. Which in other words mean that her dreams have always been deferred but always have remained strong. “You are stronger than you think.

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” – anonymous This quote that you see in the left succinctly describes what Mama thought and what the thought that would never happen. I could relate this with the dream that she always had to hadher own property and she never though that she could actually make that happen, which refers to what she think, that she has lot all power but towards the end she succeeds. At the end of the play, Mama decides to bring her plant to her new house, which gives a new significance to the plant. While it initially stands for her deferred dreams. For Mama it was dream for twenty years now. But this is just not a fulfilled dream for Mama only, it is also a huge one for her husband too.

When this dream was full filled it was a realization for Mama and her husband, after finding the money and making the full use out of it to fulfill there dream. Mama is always been the head of the house and after getting the new house, she continues to become the head of the house, after thinking in the perspective of the dream and also the perspective of new new baby. Citations. A Raisin in the Sun. Dir.

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