The Cure for the Soul

What is laughter? This question is one of my favorites. In my opinion, laughter is showing your happiness or joy to the people around you. I am always laughing, whether it be from a cheesy joke or something random. I can always look back and say that I looked like a hyena laughing but I do not care. Laughter lifts up your mood and keeps your day going. When we laugh, it triggers the positive emotions inside you.

It makes other people happy when they see you laugh or smile. Laughter makes our lives fun and exciting, not dreary and somber. It is one of the best medicines for the soul. Why do we laugh? Laughing is not something you can observe and study, it is something to experience. Scientists tried to find the root of laughing, but they came up empty-handed. Us humans, just laugh, it is in our nature.

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It is not something we can learn or try. It is sort of a spur of the moment experience. Laughing exists to be a scapegoat for the stress we live in or the problems we face. Our emotions are all tied together by this string called laughter. When we are happy, we laugh; sad, we can laugh; angry, we can laugh; so on and so forth. Even in situations where we think we can not laugh, we end up bursting out laughing.

Laughter spreads like a disease, it hits us when we least expect it too. After all, we all know laughter is contagious.