The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920's

America in the 1920’S was a roller-coaster ride because many people did not know what to expect after the war.

All of the changes led to the reformation of the Klu Klux Klan (a.k.a., the Klan and KKK). The Klan’s’ belief was to oppose civil rights of any person other than white Protestants and this led to; white supremacy, the Presidents’ and country’s views, and the start of racism.

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White supremacy is the belief that white Protestants were superior to all others and racial backgrounds. William Simmons of Atlanta Georgia saw the revival of the KKK in the 1920’s. His belief was that he was the “Grand Wizard” and he wanted to stop colored people from voting and take vengeance on them. Their first known act to revive the KKK was in 1915 when he led a group on a hike up Stone Mountain and ended up with members lighting a cross on fire. The KKK held their annual conference in Atlanta which was one of the most active KKK places in America, probably because of Simmons. During the 1920’s President Calvin Coolidge was a noted member of the KKK.

The Klansmen were elected to positions of political power and were usually not convicted of crimes. It was said that President Coolidge allowed cross burnings on the steps of the Capital building in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia). President Coolidge also allowed the KKK to parade and hold rallies in 1925 and 1926. The KKK was supposed to be a secret organization; however, they promoted patriotism and recruited people to vote for Klan members.

This led to division in the Country due to difference of opinions and people like Marian Ferguson, the first female governor in Texas, running the Klan out of Texas. The KKK wore white robes with hoods that came to a point, like a cone. The white robes were a sign of purity and they used the robes to promote the Klan and their beliefs; white supremacy. In the 1920’s the KKK started to discriminate against anyone who was not Protestant, most notably, persons of African heritage. The Klan started to resort to violent acts against non Protestants.

Some of the violent actions that they resorted to were: lynching, tarring and feathering, whipping, hanging and execution. The Klan would burn crosses on properties of the non-protestants. The KKK in the 1920’s led to a deep division in the Country. Its negative attitude toward immigrants and non-Protestants was spread throughout America by many new inventions. Many people joined because they were led to believe that the Klan promoted strong family life, decency and patriotism.

The Klan became an integral organization to destroy reconstruction of governments. Their belief of a world of one race led to much discrimination and violence.