The Life of Ronnie Magro

“Get out of here bro, that’s one shot, That’s one shot kid!” That is one of the quotes from season one of when Ronnie knocked a kid out in one punch. Ronnie Margo grew up in Bronx, NY.

He was born December 11, 1985. As a child Ronnie took modeling class, and that explains why he is so into his style and physical appearance. He’s Puerto Rican and Italian, and that is how he got his appearance on Jersey shore. He has been involved with Sammi Sweetheart throughout the whole show on and off. Ronnie is a real down to earth guy but pretty hot headed when it comes to anger, but overall a good person.

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I am going to prove that he backs himself up whatever it comes to in life. I learned that don’t take anything from anyone and always stick up for you. The part of Ronnie’s life where it showed he stuck up to himself the most was where on season 1 of jersey shore he got into a fight on the board walk with a guy that was drunk and disrespecting him and him. Ronnie and Sammy were walking down the boardwalk after a long night out with the other cast members, While keeping to themselves a man who tried to confront pauly D earlier that night yells at Ronnie and Sam “Go home to Staten Island where you belong.” After that occurred Sam and the man’s girlfriend started to exchange words with each other and the girl actually started to push Ronnie.

(noone, 2010)Eventually the man and Ronnie started to get into it and the man kept getting in Ronnie’s face and Ronnie got sick of it so he got into a fight that lasted a few minutes. Ronnie won the fight and it ended up getting broken up and Ronnie left after that so he wouldn’t get arrested. (rivers, 2010).This scene in season 1 is important because it shows how he defending himself and didn’t take the man’s talking back to him. It leads into the next stage in his life by continuing getting into fights but only because he is standing up for himself.

People can learn not to take that by seeing what Ronnie did. “Get out of here bro, that’s one shot, That’s one shot kid!” This is where this line comes into play believe it or not. Everyone was out clubbing and after they left the club they started walking back to the house without any problems. Well real short after that A man starts screaming towards Ronnie and saying some words that weren’t described but Ronnie took off running after the kid and hit him so hard the kid was out in one hit knocked out on the ground. (TMZ, 2010) That’s where Ronnie starts screaming “Get out of here bro, that’s one shot, That’s one shot kid!” As that happened some people around saw it and called the cops on Ronnie. Ronnie shortly got arrested and thrown in jail for that night of making that mistake.

The next morning “he said the kid wasn’t worth it at all, I’m never going back there again.” Ronnie does not back down from anybody at all. (press, 2010) He always backs himself and his roommates up. He’s a very tough guy and strong willed. People should learn to respect others and not say something that will turn out bad. It’s always a situation in the Jersey shore household.

In the 4th season of jersey shore. Earlier in the day mike opened his mouth to the whole house saying Ronnie had girls coming by the house. Sammy was sitting there and listening to this whole thing. Later in the night Sammy had some drinks at the club and Ronnie and her got into a fight. While they went back to the house Sammy brings it up to Ron why they were arguing, Ronnie got mad and went into the living room while mike was laying down and started screaming at him and almost flipped the couch.

Then Ronnie pulled a 3rd season stunt and took mikes bed and threw it out of the room and mike started screaming at Ron and basically calling him out. Ronnie took off and slammed him on the ground and hit him once or twice. (Jersey Shore’s’ The Situation, Ronnie get in fist fight: report, 2011) Not long after it got broken up by security and all the house mates were devastated because mike ended up with a conclusion from the fight. (tommy, 2011) This is the most recent event that has happened to Ronnie and it was really important and devastating. His life sums up as he’s one of the toughest guys I’ve ever heard of. People can learn to take off Ronnie and to keep their mouth shut and don’t start drama.

In conclusion, Life is as tough as you make it. You can either have a hard time with all the drama or let it take you over. Or you can take it hands on and handle it yourself. His life is pretty crazy especially being on this show for the past 4 seasons people have all kinds of perspectives on him. I learned a lot from watching him and how he acts. He handles things hands on without backing down and that’s how life should be with everyone.

Handling them by yourself because it makes you tougher as a person and makes life a lot easier.