The Marvelous Cities!

Over the years scholar have debated to the contributions of the both Rome and Greece. Many have their own belief to who made the greatest contribution to our world.

Both cities were great in power and culture and left a significant history behind. Although both cities were influential and made great contributions to what is today, I believe Rome made the greatest contribution. But who really made the greatest contribution and left the most marvelous legacy? Rome was founded in 753 B.C by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus who were raised by a she wolf. Rome is located in Italy, in a peninsula that sticks out from the Mediterranean Sea.

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They have sunny summers and mild winters making Rome perfect for growing grapes. Latins moved to the land and they farmed and raised livestock. From 753B.C to 476 A.D Rome was ruled by different people at first they were ruled by their neighbors the Etruscan.

They were also ruled by different kings, but in 509 B.C they became a republic city. Meaning the had no king, queen or emperor, many cities today are republics, they were ruled by a senate. During this time the Romans built different architectural styles such as arches, domes ,columns, and mosaic painting. Which are displayed today at museums in Rome.

They also discovered cement that we now use to make buildings and houses, they influenced the use of highways and pavement. They built stadium and amphitheaters that we now use to play sports and act in. They built aqueducts to cross valleys and invented central heating. They invented the alphabet which we use today in our writing system,they started the republic and the senate used today in modern democracy. They invented the Julian calender use now in modern time and they improved medicine.

The Roman contributed with many things own their on, but many of them were copied from other cultures such as the Greeks. These were only many of the contributions the Romans made, but there is still a lot more. Greece was is located in a peninsula jutting into the Mediterraneans Sea. It is covered with rugged mountains and isolated valleys. The rugged landscape made inland travel very difficult,so the Greeks travel by water.

Greek was founded in 500 B.C, the Greece have dry summers and mild winters. The agriculture in Greece was the foundation of their economy. From 500 B.C Greece excelled art and culture to their end of time.

The invented the Olympics Games that we now celebrate every 4 years. The started philosophy a subject taught know in every university in America. They invented the Ionian,Doric and Corinthian architectural styles. These style of architectural are on building such as courts and libraries. They acted out drama,comedy, tragedy,and horror, we now use this in movies and acting all over the world.

Greek art was superior than the Roman art. At last the had the most powerful literature classic in the world. We now read their myths ,fables,poetry and mythology. Greece was left with fantastic legacy and traditional culture. Both Rome and Greece are located near the Mediterranean sea, but both landscapes are different. Greece is more mountainous than Rome.

Greek art was said to be more realistic than Roman art, because Rome mimicked Greece’s art after they conquered them. Both Rome and Greece’s economy was based on agriculture. They both owned slaves that they depended on to complete task. Woman in Rome had more liberty than woman in Greece. Woman in Greece were praised for taking care of their home and raising children, woman in Rome were more free to do as they wished they were praised for looks and modesty.

Although they were both alike and different at the same time the both had wonderful legacy’s. At the end of all we see what both cities contributed to. Both made contributions we now use and appreciate today. What would we do without roads and movies?Even though they both did amazing things Rome contributed more in the physical part. They built roads, cement and central heating. Greece worked more in the entertainment area and literature than Rome.

But Rome contributed more to what we use today. So Rome made the greatest contribution and left the most marvelous legacy.~