The Only Person You Can Be Is Yourself

Have you ever wondered how many things someone can learn to do in a few weeks? Well there is one person who tries to learn things such as dancing, drawing, languages just to be a diverse person. Stephen will always respond to people in the most appropriate ways. Such as one day, I asked him if he could show me how to do the fast hand movements known as tectonics. He seemed so intrigued to help me learn he did the process step by step showing the complicated moves so I would understand how to do them in the same fashion. It took me a couple of trials before he explained the main part of crossing your arms to have a clean motion. At first I was confused but he kept himself calm to help me understand.

Another day, he was learning the language of Arabic and my friend was curious as to how their name would look in it so they asked Stephen if he could write their name in Arabic. He said sure and got his notebook out proceeded to match the corresponding letters with the letters in Arabic. He didn’t seem once irritated and kept a small smile to acknowledge them. When he presented the final product he had a sort of accomplishment in his voice when he showed them how their name looked. A friend of his once said he hated techno music around Stephen. Stephen heard this and told them all music is good and should be appreciated for their work.

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He had them listen to some techno songs and explained what made him like the song and how it combines to make a pleasant sound. Stephen was so detailed he was able to convince them that techno music is a good genre. Sometimes I would have him listen to a song I liked, and he would seem so intrigued to listen to a new song he gladly put his music aside to listen to it. He didn’t seem bothered at all that I made him stop listening to his music. The way he tends to look at things is that there can always be something worse. Stephen tries to gain as much knowledge as possible and is always willing to help another.

He never tries to bias himself to one side, but could others opinions change this?