I just keep doing it again and again, and with every passing day, I am getting weaker. It’s as if my whole childhood ended early and now I feel old.

But, in my mind I know that I’ll be able to get through this. But The question isn’t If I Can,the question is if I would.Cause I am addicted to it. Even after knowing that it is what is killing ,I continue doing it. It drains me: of life,colours and youth.

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Strength,sight and age.Regret is what I feel for my doings,cause all I did these years has been taking a part of me with it.Its taking a time period from me which I could dhave used for doing things that would not have been as harming as this is.Many times,I have successfully left it.just to return to it. It’s like a day that barely comes,when you have finally left all your pains and weaknesses.

But in celebrations and self-rewarding,you damage yourself once again,so bad that you wonder if you would ever be able to recover again. Suddenly the world seems a less colorful, the absence of inspirations in your surroundings and in the nature is what worries you. Last time that you were here,you were more happy,less empty,more full of joy and ideas and a less drained of skills and life. But one thing that keeps striking you in your head is that you are THE BEST, and there is no changing this fact. Maybe,not at this point,but you will be there, just take no rest, have sweat thoughts and slain these nightmares, you gotta prove yourself.

once again,. No pain gives no gain. Scratch this Globe, leave a scar on this world, be remembered by your works. the world,which is to come, Legacy,which you leave behind, must be all sundry and kind. Good deeds by you must be remembered. =A Thousand die everyday on the roads.

But you have been dying, since the day you had that first cry, you had that thirst, the hunger for the power, the strength that will empower, MIRACLES all over the world, for a while. But,WHEN YOU LEAVE THIS WORLD,YOUR WORDS ARE JUST WHAT ARE LEFT BEHIND..