The Raven by Edgar Alan

This poem named The Raven by Edgar Alan Poe makes me think about the people who die because we honestly don’t know everything about death. This person’s sorrow, in the poem, is what everybody feels when they lose someone very close to them. The hardest part of losing someone is letting go and moving on. That’s what the man in the poem needed to do; Let go & move on. Another thing is that we honestly don’t know what happens after we die.

We could be just dead, come back later, or ghosts. We don’t know, so maybe this raven was Lenore and wanted this man to move on and let go. Maybe at the end we all do move on and let go. Maybe the guy in the poem moved on by seeing how his lost wants him to move on because there’s more to life than living in sadden. But at the end we all have to let go and move on. I’m guessing that the quoth ‘nevermore’ means to never be sad and to live your life as best as you can.

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