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The answers to these questions should help you to organize your ideas. Remember that your event should be clearly aimed at your chosen target audience. What did you decide? Teacher feedback Response to feedback What event did you decide to create a video for? I have chosen to do my video on the 2014 fall world cup Why did you not choose the other videos? Because I know more about football in general so this gives me an advantage. What is the target audience for your event?

My target audience is for everyone who is interested in football Be more specific? My target is for the people who are going to What details do you need to know about the event? Date, start time and duration When It starts and when It ends, The 16 qualifying teams, Thursday 12th June to Sunday 13th July Research start times and where is it taking place? Thursday 12th June to Sunday 13th July, Brazil -ROI De Jeanine What elements could you include in your video to make it engaging? Interesting colors and sound affects

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Explain why you are using these? To attract more people into the 2014 world cup. Teaser video How did you decide on the content for the video? How did you decide on the soundtrack? What did you do to ensure that your video was of the right length seconds and one minute? In what format did you save the teaser video and why? – between 45 Ask your test buddy and teacher to check that the teaser video meets the CAB requirements. (Questionnaire) What feedback did you receive? What action did you take as a result of the feedback?