The World is Dying!

Everyday more and more time passes without a single person thinking about it besides those who are paid to think about it. For every waking moment it gets worse. I’m talking about global warming. With every person worrying about things like Isis, wars, and politics, the amount of effort to change anything about it is almost nothing. Every government disclaims its existence, but we all know this isn’t true. First, the more stuff we manufacture the more we pollute the air.

Everyday we make more and more manufactured stuff, but no one seems to think of the consequences of doing so. As people we have to take care of the earth. It is my belief that we do a very poor job of doing so. That’s not even the beginning of what we’re doing wrong. Secondly, just driving around to go places causes pollution. Even after all these car companies saying there becoming eco-friendly, they still run on fossil fuels.

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These fuels are non-reusable, and they are the major cause of global warming. From cars to factories, these everyday things that we rely on, kill our planet! Everyday you don’t do something about it, more and more greenhouse gasses go into the air! Global warming is the killer of our planet, but I ask you now to think about something. What will you do?