The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers Richard Wright, The point of the book Wright Brothers is to tell people s that they could really fly. So the brothers just started to play with little planes when they were little and then when they go older they both thought it would be cool to build planes. So they started drawing and planning what they were going to try and build.

They figured out how to fly. The two brothers grew up hard in a little house at 7 Hawthorn Street in Dayton. They grew up pretty pore and they didn’t want to spend the rest of the life like that. But the real point of this book is that they always wanted to prove to other Well when the brothers turned twenty two they started trying to get money and started to build their planes they always wanted. So they went and started building some ideas well they got a few done but they couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t stay a flight.

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So they tore them apart and started over again with brand new ideas. Well they finally got one to work and they wanted to start and sale them. Cause the state want some of them because that was the first plane that they have ever seen before. So after the brothers got all happy cause the people just really loved it. So once they started flying people around them.

Wanted to start and sale them so after they started to sale them they didn’t fly for another two years so they could build newer ones. So the boys made it pretty far with there plane dreams cause they really no what the was doing. So after they got allot older the brothers started to make family’s and after they made good money they spent the rest of there life very happy. Well when the brothers wood fly every day they was breaking new world records cause were they were the first people to ever fly. So the boys are very famous now for the things they built it made the U.

S.A have the planes we have now. Cause they watched how the Wright Brothers made there planes and how they drew the planes first. The point of this book is to tell people hue really made the first planes and hue first flue the plane in the air. So they were really happy and famous that they really made what they did.

Cause they were the first ones that ever have made any thing like that they could fly and get to different places. So they book is really good so if you get a chance you should really read at first it doesn’t sound like it is a good book but once you get reading it you will like it.