Thematic Analysis Of The Book Of Acts

Fulfillment of The Holy Spirit’s dissension On Pentecost 2:1-47 Day of Pentecost 2:5-13 Tongues; evidence of Holy Spirit testifying concerning Christ 0 2:14-21 Peter’s first sermon 2:22-28 Witness of Jesus as Lord and Savior 2:29-36 Witness of Jesus as the Messiah 2:37-42 The first fruits of Israel responds 2: 43″47 Sweet Fellowship of the Spirit in Christ Holy Spirit heals the lame beggar thru Peter and John 3: 1-4:31 Apostles persecuted for Jesus name 3:11-16 Peter’s second sermon 3:17-26 A sermon to repentance Second fruits, and Peter and John arrested 4:5-12

Jesus on trial thru His apostles 4:13-22 Refusal of evidence in Jesus name. 4:23-31 Release and rejoicing, boldness over- takes them 4:32-35 4:32-37 Sharing among believers 4:36-37 Barnabas displays generosity 5:1-6 Ananias and Sapphira attempt to gain popularity by imitating Barnabas 0 5:7-1 1 Sapphira meets the fate of her husband 5:12-16 Apostles perform many miracles 5:17-21a Apostles again arrested, but soon released by the Angel of the Lord 5:21 b-26 Apostles with boldness proclaim the gospel 5:27-32 Peter and John defy the Sanhedrin Gamaliel’s Counsel 5:40-42

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Apostles beaten, but not defeated. The name of Jesus is still on their lips 0 6:1-6 Selecting seven stewards Word of God increases even from among the priesthood Introduction and arrest of Stephen 7:2-8 The defense of Stephen 7:9-10 The comparison of Joseph to Jesus Joseph savior of his house hold, like Jesus of His 7:17-29 History of the Hebrews enslavement and preparation of a savior 7:30-34 God’s revelation to Moses out of due season 7:35-43 The Exodus by God thru Moses and rejection of Moses as the LORD’S chosen The patterned tabernacle and Solomon’s temple 7:51-53

The condemnation of Stephen upon the rejecters of Christ The stoning of Stephen, while Saul stood in agreement 8:1b-3 The persecution of the church begins Evangelism thru Philip spreads as a result of persecution 8:4-40 8:9-13 Simon the magician gives way to the gospel and becomes a believer 0 8:14-24 Peter and John accompany Philip in Samaria and confront Simon’s error 8:25 Peter and John return to Jerusalem 8:26-40 Philip instructed to go by the Holy Spirit for a specific purpose, in so doing encounters Ethiopian eunuch an opens up the eyes of the eunuch which then elieves and is baptized 9:1-31 Saul’s conversion 9:10-19a Ananias called to minister to Saul 9: 19b-22 Saul begins to preach Jesus 9:23-25 Saul’s life threatened by the Jews 9:26-30 Saul in Jerusalem, embraced by Barnabus, again plot by Jews to kill Saul.

Saul sent away to his hometown 9:31 The church experiences peace for awhile 9:32-35 Peters ministry 9:36-43 Peter raises Tabitha from the dead as a result many believed in Joppa 0 10:1-8 Cornelius Vision Peter has Vision to reach the gentiles 10:17-23a Peter meets Cornelius 10:23b-29 The Peter’s vision revealed 0:30-33 Cornelius’ vision revealed 10:34-43 The gospel opened up to gentiles 10:4_448 Christians Jews recognize the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon the gentiles 11:1-18 Peter reveals to Jerusalem that salvation has come to gentiles as well 0 11:19-26 1 1 :27-30 Great famine revealed thru Agabus 12:1-5 Peter imprisoned 12:6-17 Angel of the Lord frees Peter 12:18-19 Search for Peter, guards executed 12:20-23 Angel of the Lord strikes Herod dead 12:24 The word continues to spread 12:25 Barnabus and Saul return to Jerusalem with John Mark