To Whom It May Concern…

I am not trying to sound acrimonious, but restricting students’ attire is an unwise decision for several reasons.

Most students so not dress in an egregious or disturbing manner, so it would be pointless to control how they dress. Students do not dress “badly” out of duplicity, but are simply expressing themselves and their sense of fashion. Most students already try to look presentable, and school is casual place where students learn. Therefore, emphasis should not be based on clothing, but on the education. Also, why is it that on Fridays, people are given impunity from dressing up? This is an old tradition that does not need to be brought back. Our society should not be based on fashion because haven’t children been taught to not judge others by the way they look? This is being hypocritical and is teaching children they need to care about how they look and how others dress.

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A large percentage of students would be distraught if they have to get completely new wardrobes. They would have to change their sense of style. It would be costly and pointless to get new clothes for the sole purpose of dressing up for school. I know that my family cannot afford to buy me anymore new clothes, and neither can other families. The purpose of clothes is to cover up our bodies and give us warmth.

So, who says that they have to look “nice?” There should be no rules that decide how people should dress. Students do not need to be told how to dress. The students and parents of Arrowhead will not tolerate a formal dress code, so do not try to elicit one.