TUPAC: Teaching Us Perishing Aggressive Corruption

The alarming, terrible, unhelpful, problematic, and blasphemous figure is making his way into high school with his off-beat rhythms and subliminal lyrics, encouraging rebellion. Ring a bell? That’s because Tupac Shakur is now supposed to be an influence for this upcoming generation. It’s funny how so many teachers complain about students colorful, inappropriate language and body language: middle finger, ‘N’ word, ‘B’ word -to name a few-. What makes teachers believe that Tupac is going to be any different? Infact, Tupac ignites the rebellion. High school should not be teaching about Tupac! It just doesn’t make sense.

We should be learning about Lecrae, now he’s actually someone we can admire through rap and get a good example out of, he’s also been through hell and back but never ended up being a threat to society. Atlanta, Nov. 1 – Tupac Shakur was accused for shooting not one, but two police officers who were off duty. These two public officials, literally, had their lives taken away by this Tupac, simply because of…nothing. These police officers did not do anything to provoke such a ridiculous act of crime, Shakur just had a gun and figured it was okay to point and shoot. You might have thought that maybe that was enough to keep him locked up, well, you’re wrong.

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He was released shortly after but that didn’t stop him from acting against the authorities. See, Tupac despised cops with a great passion. In fact, he said so himself, “Drop them or let them drop you?”, it might sound like any other lyric from his “2pacalypse Now” album but then he proceeds to say, “I choose droppin’ the cop!” Besides being a criminal, he also wasn’t the greatest rapper. Nine times out of ten, between Tupac and Biggie, the answer always ended up being Biggie. Why though? What made Biggie better than Tupac? For starters, “Biggie gave a platform to female MCs”, plus, “Biggie was a better lyricist”.

Not to mention, “Biggie had more flows than 2Pac”, can’t forget, “Biggie had a better MSG freestyle”, after all, “Biggie was the King of NY”. There ya have it. To sum things up, I understand that teachers are looking at this as a good way for teens to behave. If this is how you want kids to behave, I’ll give you a friendly reminder: he ain’t last much around. Students will not take it the way you teach it, they’ll just take what they like and what they like is not good! Sex, drugs, terrorism -not how we plan to end up like-. Probably should take Lecrae into consideration, much better than Tupac anyway.

Looking for someone you can relate to? Lecrae over Tupac anytime. Keep school safe with safe education!