“I hate our school uniforms! Our uniforms are so uncomfortable! My school should ban school uniforms!” – These are the cries of neglected students forced to dress in the uncomfortable apparel of school uniforms. Adults will spend hours over controversy on this topic, but when it comes down to it, isn’t the child the one you should be asking? “Hey Kirsten, do you want a school uniform?” Of course the answer is no! A school uniform would eliminate my individualism, empty my parents’ bank, and make me feel…average. Uniforms should be outlawed! Plenty of pro-uniform politicians will argue that school uniforms are effective in improving a student’s education by diminishing distractions in class. Although this may be true, couldn’t a simple dress code accomplish this goal also? A dress code would effortlessly cause fewer disturbances in class, and a student need not an authoritive uniform. The dispute may continue with that dress codes may not bear down hard enough, and create a foundation of broken rules, such as students not following the dress code.

That lies in the willed enforcement of the code. The problem is not the dress code itself. All in all, a uniform is not necessary in solving interferences in class. Danyelle C. Swain of the National Center of Educated Scholars quotes, “School uniforms cut down on a learner’s ability to be an individual.” Deciding what to wear to school applies to expression in a child.

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A boy or girl feels the need to have an option. It’s merely a part of growing up! A school uniform will remove that portion of a child’s life in which he or she comes of age to select his or her appropriate outfit. Therefore obliterating the freedom the student has deserved! “Freedom lies in the expression,” – Daniel Greyfus. Not only would a uniform demolish a child’s creative personality, it would liquidate a saving’s account. School uniforms have been reported as two hundred dollars per uniform just for one school year.

This may seem minimal compared to what parent’s will spend on brand name shirts and jeans, but it starts to add up with multiple children and replacement uniforms. A parent of southern Georgia stated that her children’s school uniforms have become a financial burden, and she would much rather provide individual clothes. Also, a uniform has no use once outside of school. So after school a student will still need to bring clothes for activities other than academics. Thus, money will be spent on regular clothes AND costly uniforms. Why not eliminate the latter and save the cash? Finally, ask me what I prefer.

Given an option of bland, unstylish uniforms that every pupil will be wearing, and a wardrobe I have selected to my liking, take a guess. It’s almost certain a common answer will arise when a student is asked the question, “School uniform or not?” According to Factmonster.com, eighty percent of students say uniforms are not cool, and not wanted. A student should have the right to independence when it comes to clothing. Even given a dress code the option of what to wear is still available.

But becoming buckled down to a uniform entirely wipes out any possibilities to a choice. Uniforms are lenient in no fashion, and they are unacceptable. I am a clothes fanatic. I enjoy the pride I receive when selecting attire suitable for me. Being taken the privilege of expression would dastardly affect my growth as a being, and I would lose self-confidence.

School uniforms would do just that; create a conformity to which students cannot enjoy what they wear. Therefore students strained to uniforms would lack the drive to perform in school, and care less to the school that has taken their right. Only eighteen percent of schools across the nation push their apprentices to garment in uniform (US Department Institution of Education Science), and now you know why.