Uniforms: No Thank You

Parents should not buy their children uniforms because the students can’t express him or her self, it can cost too much, and even too old to wear uniforms. One reason why parents should not buy uniforms for their child is that you can’t express yourself. If you have a lot of good clothes and you want to wear your clothes to school, you can’t because there is a school uniform policy and overtime students will eventually get mad. In addition, I know that all kids want to show off all their clothes that they bought from an expensive store like H and Forever 21.This shows that school uniforms are stopping kids from expressing themselves.

Another reason why parents should not buy school uniforms is that you have to pay for your child uniform shirts.For example if you go to a boarding school the uniforms can come to a total of fifty dollars just on one person.To me, thats too much on one person. Thats like spending one million dollars on a house.Also parents can rush things like not paying attention to their child shirt size and buy way too small or baggy.This shows that parents should not buy uniforms for their child.

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Lastly, students once they are in the eighth grade are too old to wear uniforms.For example, if students are in their last year in middle school, the kids will probably not want to go to that particular school any more.Also the kids can disrespect the uniform to make it cool.This shows that students don’t want to wear the school uniforms any more. In conclusion, these are a few reasons why parents should not buy uniforms for their child to wear to school.