Video Games and Art

Video Games and Art Everywhere around us–in the real world–we see art, then couldn’t we say the same about a virtual world? Everything we experience is connected to some sort of art. So, what is art? A production of human creativity requiring their skills and imagination. There are many types of art even in video games. As games explode in popularity, there are more and more ways people are able to express their ideas.

The fact that most people consider our lives immersed in art, they should also consider video games an art form. When video games were first created in 1958, it was experienced on a 2-dimensional, white, pixelated screen called “tennis for two.” Today we may think it’s old or outdated. While they may have a point, it was also the beginning of a new era. As newer and more powerful hardware was released, it allowed developers more freedom to explore new artistic ideas.

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It shocked the people at the time with all these new inventions and when time progressed in 1970, designers were able to create their games in a 3-dimensional framing with color. Things were becoming advancement and people were now able to express themselves in a way of the use of their artistry and imagery to tell a story. Ten years later in 1980, a role playing game Dragon Warrior was created. From this, it used the the 3 aspects for designing that was unique: spirit, color, and style. Still today it proceeds to grow its ways of gaming.

What not to many understand is why video games and art are related but there are many similarities. Both art and game’s growth rates spread world wide exponentially since the start. From this, video games has started to be known in art museums for the past decades. According to Rita Braver from Smithsonian museum, “You can say video games are great grassroots expression of culture and in some cases art in our democracy.” The creation of games can provide useful information to others about past futures, similar to art form pictures but more advance. It also provides viewers the nature around the world that many may not ever see.

In the end both the creation of video games and art requires hard work, taking levels of sources and texture complexity. Both of these two categories can affect the world. A designer of video games intend to show the audience the true beauty in the world. As the game Flower created by Jenova Chen from ThatGameCompany shows a flower as it gently flows through a dreamy landscapes with pleasing music. Affecting the audience’s emotion about the game.

Showing that a certain video game can inspire people to acknowledge the elegancy of the nature surrounding us. From the help of technology, designers are able to use digital image and material lighting used in games. This means that people are able to photo anything in the world and turn it to a digital aspect on a machinary. From a recent game Grand Theft Auto V shows a character that can freely explore throughout beautiful California from inside their own homes. This game not only shows the state of california but also brings out today’s society of sexuality, drugs, and criminal acts. People who designs video games isn’t for the entertainment to the audience, but to shows that designer’s creativity.

From the use of hardware gives artists a wider variety of tools to create with. To some people they may think video games is about forms, medias, and genres but it’s not. The way people design these games is a way to address themselves to the world. Riley, a former lead character artist at Bethesda artwork “we try to make the games the designers intend.” These artists were not forced into any way to create video games.

If so there wouldn’t be a high growth rate of video game popularity. It’s not just a game, it’s a controlled passage in an aesthetic experience, So that we people are able to examine the nature in art. Throughout the world, as it is rapidly expanding, types of schools are valuing the use of video game designing as a career. As the world of video games improve, it is used in academic and less credential fan likes. During the use, schools are offering programs to train artists in technology of video game development for PhDs. Because of the expanding rate of video games there are now over 100s ofvideo game designing schools as of 2013.

The South California University has over 40,000 students majoring for video game designing, still today’s top schools in 2015. Denis Dyack, president of Silicon Knights “Video games are meaningful – not just as sociological or economic or cultural evidence, but in their own right, as cultural expressions worthy of scholarly attentions.” Schools provide professional quality art and gaming from masters and bachelor degrees. Some say that videogames are mechanically made so it isn’t an art. This is incorrect.

In the use of video games. In the use of video gamesrequires the human mind’s ideas and creativity of art to make what they want. Through the use of machines help us to explore more of the world of art. From a computer, it can help an artist to design or sketch their storyboards to their ideas. From this an artist can just draw an image on paper so that a computer can scan it, which then it will turn it into a digital 3d model.

People should consider a videogames and art. They should understand why video games were made. It’s not just for the fact that it gives gamers entertainment, but for the hard work and neatness these designers put. These designers/artist are trying to expand/evolve the past generations of art, though some people disagrees. The fact thathow much the growth rate of gaming can evolve is amazing.

How it can affect millions of teens to grow off their childhood into a career for video games. How suddenly knowing that schools throughout the world now handing out scholarships for video game designing. Machinery isn’t art, its the tool that help us to make art. As machinery improve, more ways we are able to explore art. Imagine how art will look like from twenty or thirty years from now