We Can Leave for Lunch

Privileges are something that students earn everyday.

A privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available to a particular person or group of people. Seniors should be given the privilege to leave school for lunch because they earned it, and they are mature enough to leave. Most seniors do not like the cafeteria food anymore because they have gotten tired of eating the same food for four years. Also, most of the food that is served in the cafeteria is unhealthy. Many bad eating habits come from the unhealthy food that school cafeterias’ serve children.

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These reasons has caused many seniors to start bringing their lunches from home forcing them to struggle to pack a lunch every night. If seniors were given the option to leave for lunch, they would be able to access healthier and better food. This privilege will help them prepare for college by helping them earlier learn how to budget their money to see how much they have to spend on lunch. Because many seniors are sick of the provided lunches, and most of the food provided is unhealthy seniors should be allowed to leave campus for lunch. The first reason that seniors should be allowed to leave for lunch is because the food in the cafeteria is unhealthy. Cafeteria food is filled with many unhealthy fat and nutrients that are extremely bad for the students’ bodies.

This unhealthy food is causing obesity in many children at a young age, and in some cases it means that students are starting to show signs of heart problems. Studies show that 1 in 3 students are obese due the cafeteria lunch they are served at school. Moreover, many students eating these harmful foods can develop unhealthy eating habits. Students become addicted to eating these detrimental foods causing them to constantly eat unhealthy. If seniors had the option to leave for lunch, they would most likely take it, and they will be able to develop a healthier diet before they go off to college.

Seniors are also more responsible and mature enough to be able to leave the campus for lunch. Since most cafeteria food is unhealthy, it would be best to give the seniors the option of eating a healthier lunch from somewhere else other than the cafeteria. Eating lunch at school can be unhealthy and harm the students bodies The second reason that seniors should be allowed to leave for lunch is that most of them are sick of the lunch provided. Seniors have been in school for almost five years, and many of the are tired of the cafeteria food. This is causing a majority of them to start bringing their own lunch from home or skip lunch all together. Evidently, the seniors are sick of eating the unchanging food that they have been served for years, and this has caused them not to like the food anymore.

Seniors enjoy the lunch they bring from home better because it is their own choice of food, but if they were allowed to leave for lunch, they would have more food options available to them. Seniors are sicked of the same cafeteria food they have been given for years, causing them to want a change in the food they eat. Some may be concerned that seniors could get into car accidents or ditch school. For example what if a senior gets into a car accident while on their way to get lunch, and gets badly injured. Parents also worry that the seniors may ditch school causing them to go places they should not be in causing parents to wonder about their whereabouts and safety. Conversely, seniors should already be responsible drivers considering they drive everyday to school and back home after school, and if they do not return back to school there will be consequences for their absence.

Leaving school for lunch is a privilege, and if they abuse these privileges there will be consequences. If they are late coming back school they will receive demerits, or possibly a detention if their tardiness becomes too frequent. However, ifthey ditch school they will receive a major, and their privileges will be taken away. This will help teach the seniors responsibility and mature them into a more responsible adult just in time for college. Seniors should be trusted enough not to ditch school, and to be responsible when they are driving.

Seniors should be allowed to leave for lunch because it gives them a healthier alternative, and most them do not like the food they serve in the cafeteria. The reason most seniors prefer to bring their lunch is because they do not like the the lunch the school serves in the cafeteria. Another reason more student prefer to bring their lunch from home is because most food in the cafeteria is unhealthy because they are filled with bad fats and nutrients, and are bad for them. If seniors had the option to leave school for lunch they wouldbe able to receive healthier lunch options, and they would have their choice of food. This will at least give the seniors the option to eat healthier food, and they will have a healthier diet. This however, could cause problems because the seniors may get hurt or ditch school.

This is why the school need to have a system and consequences if the senior does not follow the proper rules for leaving campus for lunch. If they are late to back to school they will also receive consequences. This will teach them to be more responsible. Open campus lunch will start to help with the future generation of people have better and healthier lunch options. Work Cited “Issues & Problems.” Cafeteria Food. Accessed on 17 April 2018.