We Need Dress Codes

An accelerated learning environment, with minimal violence. Doesn’t that sound great! Doesn’t every parent want to be a part of this? And to be apart of this wonderful environment, all a parent has to do is be a part of a school with a dress code! The dress code is there to enforce rules into the minds of children, and it is also there to help save parents money! Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Armani Exchange, Boss; all of these companies have extremely pricey clothes that children want, and they come at their parents with excuse like ‘I need clothes for school.’ or ‘People bother me because I have bad clothes.’ Some of those excuses may be true, but on a dress code they are an easy fix. If a child doesn’t have clothes they could wear to school, dress code here to save the day, dress codes are usually cheap, sometimes provided by the school, if not they are easy to find! And children will not be bothering others about the way they dress, because everyone is in the same clothing.

Parents should think about it do they really want to nudge off dress codes? Money is something that the Unites States is short on, so why waste it on brand new school clothes, when in an environment with a dress code all that is need to be done is buy the clothes that the school requires a student to have. Dress codes usually help parents, because the dress code usually stays the same for a school throughout the years. Imagine that every year children won’t wine that they need new clothes, they might already have the clothes from last year, and when a school clothes shopping spree is needed, parents won’t need to come back home with piles of clothes of all different colors and different companies and need have to take hours sorting it all, but if their child has a school uniform they can come home with clothes that look alike and take a couple of minutes to organize! With school violence a huge problem in the United States, even after the shootings in some schools, there is a need for a better and safer learning environment. Studies show that dress codes improve behavior at school and quality of a student’s studies. In some cases, schools without dress codes found out that clothing has become so risky, that it affects students and disrupt the learning environment. To keep the learning environment stable, a need for a dress code appears! The fact that a dress codes requires students to where the same kinds of clothes, it eliminates making fun of a child that has bad clothes or clothes that do not match, the fact that everyone is wearing the same thing avoids a child to be made fun of, and if the child is not made fun of then there is a high chance that the child would not become mentally frustrated and the child wouldn’t have any mental problems to face in the future.

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School dress codes don’t only help the kids that are made fun of; school dress codes help the kids that make fun of other kids. By doing that, the child’s violence is reduced and the chance of having a violent and alcohol abusing future is reduced. Considering the fact that children are not at school all day, and most of them do have social lives, dress codes may start getting a bit pricey. It isn’t like children would walk around in a school dress code all day. When a child gets home they change into home clothes, when a child goes out they change into clothes that they deem appropriate for that location and no child would go on vacation in their school uniform! In addition to buying school clothes for a child, there would be a necessity to buy home clothes, going out clothes, and vacation clothes.

School clothes shopping might be easy if the child had a dress code, but it would be an unnecessary pile of bills for most parents, and more bills are a big trouble, especially in the economy we are in. A safe learning environment with great education. The thing all parents look for. They do not know that it is easy to find, all they have to do is find the nearest school with a dress code and enroll their children there. Simple and easy, also effective. A good educations and a safe learning environment are at the top of every parents list, so and a school with a dress code should be there too.

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