What discipline are you most likely to be writing in? What strategies should you keep in mind for writing in this discipline?

Among all the disciplines at present, I will most likely be writing in economics, business or other related fields. I believe that writing in these disciplines would not only allow be to improve my writing but also be more aware of economic outlooks, business trends, and world market, among many others.

In addition, I believe it is more relevant to write in these fields due to the current global economic crisis that has devastated the economies of a lot of countries. In other words, writing in terms of analyzing, assessing, and observing fields such as economics, finance, and business would more or less give me a wide perspective on the economy, which is arguable the most important issue today.The strategies that I have to keep in mind when writing in this discipline include verifying if the information obtained is accurate, brushing up on the terms, principles of the discipline, using the correct words, and also keeping my style of writing simple. I believe that is crucial for me to ascertain that the information I am going to write about is factual and accurate because the field of economics largely involves figures. For example, it is imperative for me to write about the exact amount of the revenue loss of companies such as Microsoft, so that readers would not be misinformed. So if Microsoft reports a loss of $20 million, I should first make sure that that figure as well as all the pertinent facts is correct before I write anything about it.In this regard, it is also vital for me to check if my sources are reliable and ensure that my word choice is appropriate for what I am writing about because the field of economics has a lot of terminologies that are exclusive to the field. It is also important for me to sound professional in my writing so that my article or paper would have credibility. Most of all, I should make sure that I know exactly what I am writing about by actually reading up and researching in the discipline I am in involved in.

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