What is Lord of the Flies?

Lord Of The Flies: A beutiful piece of english literature. Filled with larger than life characters, saddening deaths, and religious symbolism. But wait. What do I mean by religious symbolism? Well strap on your seatbelts and brace for inpact ladies and gentlemen, because I’m about to tell you some of the most shocking, but actually interesting hidden meaning behind Lord Of The Flies; and to do that, we need to look at one of the most mysterious, and undefined characters in Lord Of The Flies. Someone who we have overlooked this whole time.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to everyones favorite blonde haired blue eyed child enigma. Simon was one of the primary leaders of the island refugees in Lord Of The Flies. Simon was an outcast, much like Piggy. He was a strange boy who talked about how the beast was nothing but a figment of the boys imagination. But what the boys didn’t know, was that Simon was the most important character of the book, and that his strange aditude mirrored a very important figure in the creation of Christianity, a man who I will refer to a Christ to respect the followers of this religion. Christ was a bright, energetic man, who used his advanced knowledge of the planet to guide his followers to enlightenment, and protected his people no matter what the cost.

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Simon directly mirrors this pattern of behaviors, as it directly states in Lord Of The Flies that he has a scence of responsibility towards the younger ones. He also is misunderstood and ridiculed by the older boys of the group, as he presents the boys with philosophical questions about human nature, much like Christ before him. Their is also one more way to connect Simon to Christ; his otherworldly connection to the “deity”, Lord of the flies, a severed pig head that was cut off by Jacks tribe, and placed on a stake. The pigs head eventually had given off a scent that attracted flies (hence the name), and was difigured enough to have been given a demented grin. It was also known to have an unknown phycic link with Simon.

This seems to suggest that the Lord of flies is a representation of the devil itself, and that its link with Simon is like the link between Christ, and the devil. Finally, the greatest piece of evidence, is that the Lord Of The Flies, is a derect translation of “Beelzebub”, a direct manifestation of the devil in Christian folklore.