“Who Killed Kennedy?”

Who killed John F. Kennedy? Many different theories have been made but no one seems to truly know the truth because much of the truth does not follow through with logic or science. What the government says happened has parts that do not line up as well as many conspiracy theories. To start off is the theory presented to the public by the government known as “Lone nut assassin”. This theory is simple and seen as the easiest theory because its on shorter and three bullets presented by the Warren Commission as what happened. This theory states that there was one shooter (Lee Harvey Oswald), three shots were fired from the Texas School Book Depository from the 6th floor and a magic bullet.

However with this theory the “magic bullet” is the most well known of why this theory given by the government is not completely believable because it would be one bullet penetrating through Kennedy and Governor Connally causing seven wounds. For this to be true the bullet would have had to pass through approximately 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, 15 inches of tissue, removed 4 inches of ribs and shattered a radius bone. The “magic bullet” would have been extremely damaged by the above but somehow was recovered unharmed.Along with the “magic bullet” there is also the movement of the president’s head in the final shot described in Zapruder Film and going “Back and to the left”. In the movie it shows the real video of the shot and repeatedly saying “Back and to the left” showing the fatal head shot would have came from the front and not the back. However with further research some have found that when going frame by frame the his head goes forward sharply then to the back and left.

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Whether Kennedy’s head was shot from the back or front can be highly debated so no forsure answer can be given. Other facts foundthat could disprove the “Lone nut assassin” is many people claimed to have heard shots fired from the Grassy Knoll and also silhouettes of unknown gunmen have been found in photos but some are unclear or have been proven to not be a gunmen. Further investigation of these photos is unknown. One large part of the case that many may have overlooked is the alleged shooter of JFk (please keep in mind that Oswald was never trailed and never charged he was an alleged shooter). Lee Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans in 1939.

Oswald joined the U.S Marines in 1956 being latter discharged in 1959. It was reported that nine days after his discharge he left the U.S to the Soviet Union and was unsuccessful to becoming a citizen of the Soviet. Oswald latter in 1962 was able to return to the U.S with his wife and child.

On April 10th he allegedly shot and missed U.S Army General Edwin Walker. Oswald suppository believed the shooting and killing of Edwin Walker would make him a hero but as said before he missed. Even though the shot taken at Walker was very close it was a miss which might make Oswald being the only shooter being unbelievable since the shot at Kennedy was much farther and harder to take. Oswald Was also mad and the U.

s Government because of the Cuban Missile Crisis and partly founded a branch of the fair play for cuba committee. Oswald latter traveled to Mexico City were in a september 1963 investigation said he attempted to acquire a visa to travel either back to Russia or to cuba but the location of where he would have traveled is unclear. In October he got a job at the Texas School House Depository where he allegedly fired three shots from the 6th floor window killing president Kennedy. The only crime Oswald was charged with was the killing of an Officer Tippets who questioned him hours after the murder of Kennedy. Oswald was arrested in a theater but latter shot and killed by Jack Ruby. Many theories revolve around that Lee Harvey Oswald did act in the shooting but was not alone in the killing mainly because he is seen as being easily talked in the the shooting because of his love for Russia and Cuba and his rather hate towards America.

Another reason many this Oswald Didn’t act alone was his killing. He was shot by as said Jack Ruby who owned strip clubs and is believed to be affiliated with the Mafia. Many believe the Mob was associated with the assassination because it has been reported that Kennedy had an affair with a women involved with a Mob leader. Many also say that Cuba or Russia was behind the shootings and used Oswald as a foil. This is believable because of the events of the Cold War, Space Race, Berlin wall, Bay of Pigs and the Cuban MIssile Crisis that lead people to believe that Fidel Castro, the Prime Minister of Cuba, and the leader of Russia were involved in the assassination. Other part of the case do not line up.

A big one is the known timeline of events. November 22, 1963 (Dallas Texas) 12:00 am. Arrived at Love Fort airport 12:28 pm. Kennedy’s car turns into Dealey Plaza 12:30 pm. Limousine enters Elm Street, Shots heard, Kennedy shot in throat Many have proved that the shots were done too quickly for one killer and we’re too precise for Oswald who missed while trying to shoot someone already. 1:00 pm.

Kennedy taken to Parklands Hospital where pronounced dead. No Released information 2:00 pm. Lyndon Johnson Sworn in on board Air Force One Some say this happened too quickly and was odd that the dead president was on board as he was sworn in but it legally is what happens. Two Hours after shooting Lee Harvey Oswald arrested Saturday, Nov 23 announced case solved (Lee Harvey Oswald Lone Killer) The case did not have a good enough time to completely investigate everything. Sunday, Nov 24 Oswald murdered in jail basement by Jack Ruby Many ask why did Jack Ruby killed Oswald because his only reason for doing so was supposedly because he was extremely upset about the assassination.

Lastly some points made that some overlook are Kennedy was known for having affairs, Jacqueline Kennedy more than likely knew of many of these, Jacqueline also rarely accompanied John F. Kennedy and Kennedy chose to have an open top convertible. Another part is Lyndon Johnson did not get along with Kennedy and were known to not liking one another. Mostly running together for votes. Kennedy knew that many people in texas were not fans of him and going was risky.

James Garrison publicly stated believed there was a conspiracy and that the government was covering something up and started many to believe in conspiracy theory for the JFK assassination. So Who Killed Kennedy? It might never be discovered. The JFk files are not fully open to the public but are being held till 2029 but why? There could be a conspiracy or there could be a lone killer. No facts are clear and the thoughts and ideas of other bring away from the facts. Since there was not a lot said about the case and much is alleged or assumed it is hard for anyone to truly know what happened.

The only ones who do are more than likely dead or will be by 2029. Much is unknown and many go with what seems logical to them. So the question “Who Killed Kennedy” might someday be shown but fact needs to show it.