Why High Schools Should Start Late

When I moved to Mason, OH, I learned that high school start time here is earlier than high school start time in the place that I moved from. It was mind blowing. I really love to sleep and I don’t want to wake up early.

It will be also hard for me to adjust to early start time because of summer vacation sleep habits. Early start time would take away so many things from my life like time to do my homework, spending time with friends and family and more. I wanted to make a change. I want high schools to start later in the morning because I can get sleeping time, which can have positive effects in my body growth. Later high school start time will help me by having more time to finish my homework. It will also help me improve my focus and alertness in school and in my extracurricular activities so I can do my best and up to my potential for anything because during school and during the day, I get tired easily because of less sleep.

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I have also seen my fellow classmates, who would sit in class, complain about how tired they are, and yawn all day. I would also be more alert to watch road signals when I start driving and I wouldn’t suffer from a lot of fatigue. Changing start times could be a change for the better for many teens. There are many benefits for changing school start time and I really want the change to happen. In my opinion, changing school start time can totally change a teen’s life and it can also block out health issues like depression and sleep deprivation.

There are millions of kids in the US, possibly the world that are affected by sleep deprivation. I am not the only person in the world who has the problem so change needs to happen even though some schools in the US already have a later start time. I am trying to settle in with the early start time here in Mason. It is kind of hard but I am doing okay with the early start times. Sometimes during class I would yawn off and sometimes sleep during class but after a few months, I am going to be used to this kind of lifestyle.