Why I Love School

School. Bells and uniforms. I like school. What I don’t like is schoolwork.

My school is good because it’s kind of in my blood. See, I think that the more you get involved, the more you love it. Obviously school isn’t perfect, but I think we’re pretty all-right. School is old. 110 years old this year. Some of the buildings were used as a hospital during the Second World War.

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I’ve heard so many ghost stories but never seen any sign of ghostly activity except that “ghost” in the 13 Combined Maths class. School is more than a place to meet your friends and study. It’s supposed to be a second home, and after around 11 years, you start acting like it’s your home. No, you can’t bring phones in, but you can sing and bang on the desks in free periods, eat everyone else’s lunch, know everyone else’s secrets, and basically act like a [very] extended family. Maybe more like an extended family than your real extended family.

You get to a point where everybody knows you, at least by sight, and unknown people come up randomly and say ‘your sister is running around waving a broom’ or ‘you left your lunchbox in the Reading Rooms.’ You know, random, homey stuff. That’s why I love school. And also, I don’t really have a social life outside school.