Why so Judgmental? Cheer up teens!

What does he or she looks like? Umm she looks like she is shy and belongs from a low-class family. But wait, how can I say that? I don’t even know her! After a few days when I finally talked to her and when we became friends I realized that she had a very confident voice and she lived in a huge house. I suddenly realized that I had been judgmental.

Being judgmental means that while looking at someone without thinking and realizing I just fit a good or a bad picture of his/her characteristics. This habit of being judgmental is a common problem for today’s generation. Teens of today have a real bad habit of being judgmental. They don’t realize that being judgmental does not suit them because it is the same as lying to yourself and same as putting themselves in jealousy. I don’t want people to put themselves in peer pressure this way. There are a certain types of problems behind being judgmental.

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Some people are just too over confident and they think that they’re only the ones living on this planet. Some people think themselves as being a nerds and no one likes to talks to them. But the truth is that our look, our appearance, our money, our gadgets don’t matter who we are. The thing that matters is the attitude that we represent in front of everybody. The thing that teachers try to find in their students is their intelligence, their confidence, their punctuality in completing their homework.

I mean, people could even improve themselves by working more hard or be something that to want to be the change. There is no reason for you being judgmental, it’s just human nature. This nature is found in almost 90%of the teens. Whoa! 90% is a great amount! Judgmental for me is like being a liar, is like lying to you, and is like making false statements about the persons who don’t know. Consider, you being judgmental.

I mean just look at someone that is near you or in other words just observe him. What about him/her? Is she/he good looking? If she/he is good looking, that does not mean she/he is rich. If she looks like serious, does not mean that she isn’t interested in gossips. Come on that’s the common comments I can make about the person that is around you. So, I see a lot of girls getting jealous because they see girls prettier than them.

What if the pretty girls do not have the quality that they have? I tell everyone that there is a good and a bad quality in everyone. So why bother be judgmental and put ourselves in jealousy? Why can’t we just continue with our own lives and just observe ourselves! Why not just be happy with our studies, with our expenses, with our clothes, with our jewelry, with our accessories? Why be judgmental and make false statements about someone that does not even fit with that? Why waste our time on some kind of particular “judgmental” world? I would like to end my debate by saying that please be careful about making comments about other people’s lifestyle!