Why Student Shouldn’t Have Relationship with Opposite Sex Before Time?

Why student shouldn’t have relationship with opposite sex before time? Once I asked myself, what kind of relationship I really want, when I have someone walking to my life. Of course if this happens my life will change a lot, in both good way and bad way. Mostly it depends our own way of thinking and the person when we met. It is like two sides of a coin because it still affects me no matter how good the relationship is, coming together at the same time. It will surely affect our study.

To maintain the relationship We need to take more time to spend with our girl friend or boy friend and we often cut it out from our study time so the big problem arises. It just like what the adults always say that if you gain one thing you will lose the other. For this case we gain girl friends but we lost our study which is really important for us. Our society will change. The relationship will affect a lot to you your society such as family friends and everyone that involve with you.

Usually we spend most of the school time with friends but if you have a relationship your time will totally change. Instead of spending time with friends, you need to give that time to your girl friend. Therefore, you will be distant from your friends We might lose contact with all of our friends. It is a gigantic affect that will follow after that. Losing friends isn’t a small problem, but for some couple they might leave their friends because they think that their girl or boy friend is better.

I imagine myself in future that if I don’t have girl friends, who should I talk to or spend time with. So in that situation a friend is really important because we might think of suicide or doing a bad think to ourselves, friends are just like consultant, they can really help us in many time. Most of the couple didn’t think this way it is a fact that I known. Look back to someone; I notice that it can make you to be a different person. I know some case that instead of spend time with society they spend ime calling with your girl friend. Talking too much in telephone with your girl friend can make a huge problem to yourself and your parent. You need to spend more money on paying for calling and that make your parent in trouble because they need to pay for it and sometimes it is really expensive. It can also affect you in future due to hearing problem. Instead of calling it better if we are be able to save our own money and buy thing that we like. It can be able to affect your health too.

Before you didn’t have any relationship but now Instead of you doing normal activity you need to cut your time with your girl or boy friend. Normal activities are just like playing sport, exercise, or any things that keep your health up. Without doing activity you might gain more weight and many other affect will follow such as thyroid issues, fat metabolism, lack of vitamin, and losing muscle. Family will notice about the change in characteristic. You will spend lesser time with your family. When your family asks you to go with them most of the one that have relationship will say “NO”.

They are in the different world because they kept them self only with talking and chatting with their couple which surely our family will notice. I think everyone had seen DTAC advertise. The one that in relationship are something like that they have their own world, they neglecting their family, friends, or normal society. So we can really change a lot if we are in relationship. There is also a possibility that the opposite side is nice and sometimes that person can make you to be a better person.

For example if the girl they focus on study then the guy may follow what the girl do then it will overcome that guy will have a better grade and a better life. If we had deep relationship, many risks will occur to us. Girl that are in relationship have a possibility of getting pregnant. Surely this will occur to some teenage girl. Girl should get protection or guy should wear a protection but the best way is not to have a deep relationship with a guy. The couple should limit their relationship which is really important.

After a woman gets pregnant surely some miscarriage will occur. Women will kill their own kid which according to religion is a biggest sin. One life will died and that life is your own kid. In some case the men will force the girl to do it which is for get rid out of the kid. We can see the example from everyday life. This week news they said that they found more than thousand death body of kid that come from process of miscarriage. Which is a wither thing. There is also a risk of getting AIDS disease.

It is a really serious problem because if we got this disease then surely we will die due to short term or long term. If couple can’t limit their relationship so they should get a protection which is really important in everyday life. Many kid that born with AIDS disease will suffer. Many of the women are in study age and they will lose their future immediately if they get pregnant. The pregnant women need to resign from school. They need to take care of their kid instead of study and in future the work place won’t accept the women that don’t finish any degree from the school.


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