Word Origins

A weapon of mass destruction can be nuclear, biological, or chemical. Also can be recognized as WMD. They have been around since at least 1937. Before 1945, they were used as conventional weapons of great destructive power. Recently, there has been talk of nuclear weapons.

The United Nations have sent investigators to keep Iraq in check and making sure he doesn’t use one. North Korea also has said that they have the plans to make one. A weapon of mass destruction is a devastating weapon. Only used on an opponent once in real war, its use caused radiation and lots of damage to the Japanese Empire after WWII. The weapon was used against the Empire of Japan in WWII to end the war when America dropped two bombs on them to make them surrender. It came down to the only choice America had.

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Even though this weapon destroyed two major cities, and the inhabitants of each, it came down to ending the war so it had to be done. Only in times of great need or in times of being threatened should these weapons be used. Foolish choices should easily end the world because if one country starts, every other one will want to prove what great strengths they possess. Senator Joseph McCarthy was a key investigator of the anti-communist hysteria during the Cold War. McCarthyism is defined as the practice of identifying alleged communists and removing them from government departments or other positions of responsibility through public but unsubstantiated allegations and personal attacks.

In many instances, McCarthy lied to boast himself into the position of a U.S senator. As a result of all these blames he caused, many innocent people lost their jobs by being so called communists. Like most things in life, it depends on the source to decide the credibility. I believe it is unfair and unamerican to just blame others of being communist in order to get yourself a better job. McCarthy also fired many important people because he believed that they were all communists.

Remembering our discussion in Honors English 10, I recall that he was eventually brought down from power because people found that he didn’t have any credibility. In reality, he was a alcoholic and that is what he died from.