Worry-Free Means Distraction-Free

When I was accepted into highschool, I was given the privilege of owning a laptop for schoolwork. When I am at home, many of the entertaining programs that are usually blocked on school grounds are open for use. This tempting situation allows for me to be able to access any form of entertainment that distracts me from finishing my work. For example, I may have a five-paragraph essay for English due the next day, but I am more interested in the new season of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.

Because I have free entry into Netflix, I may decide to watch my show instead of doing my homework. As a result of the misuse of time, I am not able to get the amount of sleep needed to be productive in the following work day. When I am not being productive during the work day, I am then left with more homework the night after. This cycle of distraction and mountains of homework continues until I can find a solution to the problem. Along with the lack of sleep, I may also miss out on time that could be spent with my family or friends. In recognition of this problem, I need to find a reasonable way to maintain focus while completing homework instead of becoming distracted by accessible entertainment provided by the laptops.

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A simple solution to combat distraction is a program made for the laptop that can be used while doing homework. This application would basically allow me to block anything that may slow down my productivity. At home, I would only have to access the app and switch on the button that shuts down anything that may disturb my homework. An example of this would be me with homework in every subject for the next rotation, and I would simply go into the app and switch on the distraction-free button. As soon as the button is clicked, Netflix, 2048 Cupcakes, and many other games would all be blocked.

When I finally complete my work, I can go back into the app to make the distracting applications accessible once again. To sum up the situation, there is such a simple solution for a big problem plaguing my school. Because the solution to the problem will eliminate all distracting elements that can be found on my laptop, I can become more productive. Because I am not tempted to do anything to veer me from my studies, I am able to complete more work in a shorter amount of time. Also, I will have more motivation to complete my work to get to the entertaining part of the night.

With more motivation, I can continue to do more work and pay closer attention to details, making the quality of my work better. Not only does it make me a better student, but it also allows me to finish my homework with time to spare before I need to go to bed. With the leftover time, I am allowed to do the fun activities that I have been working for. Along with the time for amusement, I can also go to bed at a decent time. My peers can agree on one hot topic: when we are able to get enough sleep, we are more willing to do work in class. We are also able to maintain focus for longer periods of time without our minds wandering.

Teachers also receive joy because we are focused and responsive. This solution not only benefits us, the students, but the teachers benefit as well. The final perk of being able to finish work in a reasonable amount of time is having time to spend with family and friends. Being able to work diligently allows for me to go to the coffee shop to study with a peer, or my family can gather for a birthday celebration with all members of my clan in attendance. I can agree that working in a distraction-free workspace allows for more diligent and successful work that will definitely show positive results.