Yard Narcs

] High school, what do you think of when you hear the word, sadness, depression, fun, friends maybe happiness? Well, I think of dread, not because I’m bullied or unpopular or unathletic or searching for a friend group. Actually I’m in ASB. I am starter on varsity baseball and football. I have lots of friends from all walks of life even the other kids that I don’t know don’t bother me, the more the merrier. I even like the teachers.

I dread high school because of the yard narcs. They have nothing better to do than harass me and my friends. They say; don’t sit there, don’t eat your lunch here, don’t wear that. I don’t know why their ultimate goal is to keep me from wearing the hat of the athletic team of my choosing. Maybe they should learn all the Minor League baseball teams before they harass me for what I’m wearing. How hard is it to get the job of yard narc? Does the add read; likes to sit five hours a day, can drive golf cart, hates kids, lazy? I don’t know about your school but our yard narcs are lazy.

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Their job is to hang out at the school for seven hours a day. Most of their time is spent sitting at the lunch tables. During eight minutes of passing period they walk the halls yelling at kids. We it be that hard to laugh and joke with the students? Could they smile or nod and try to make a kid’s day better instead of sending them to OCR. During lunch our yard narcs sit on a bench outside and make the students walk over to them to show their lunch pass.

Why can’t they stand at the door where everyone is exiting? They’ve sat down during every class period, 55 minutes at a time. I guess that is just not enough time to get rested up for lunch. Is there a prerequisite that every yard narc be overweight? If there was a student to run after or someone coming into the school to cause harm they would never be able to catch anyone. I know you’ll say that yard narcs are only doing their job and that the school has hired them to enforce the rules. That is understandable but why can’t they did it with a smile. Why can’t they make friends with the students on campus instead of viewing everyone as a criminal? Look it up, I’ve never been in trouble.

I’m a good kid. But, if you want respect from me you’ll have to give it. If you want respect from my friends you’ll have to give it to them too. If not we’ll take every chance we can to make fun of you and for you to feel stupid. Yes, we make fun of you driving your golfcart everyday.