1984 Part Two

1984, written by George Orwell is about how the main character, Winston, truly feels about the Party and how he and his lover Julia rebel secretly against it. Winston and Julia are alike in their own strange way. They have a strong hatred for the party and they want something different. They don’t believe in what the party stands for so they decide to rebel and join the brotherhood.

They love each other very much and they enjoy showing it and wish it were possible for them to get married. They both feel that the party is trying to get rid of their thoughts and feelings to make them inhuman and completely under the spell of the party. However, their differences made them seem like entirely different people. Winston and Julia both hate the party, but it’s for different reasons. Winston doesn’t like how woman are high inner party members. He says how the enemy is always changing.

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Winston also doesn’t like how he is not supposed to remember the past and how the party believes only the past that they created exists. Julia joined the Junior-Anti Sex League and seemed to be a really prominent member of that club and she seemed to get really into the Two-Minute Hate. Julia is really a sexually promiscuous rebel and she hates the party for not allowing her to do as she pleased. Julia and Winston’s relationship is a complicated one. It started off as Winston hating Julia before he even knew her. When she gave him the note that said “I love you” he became interested in her.

They snuck away together and rebelled against the party by making love. From that point on they both realized how much they hated the party and wish they could get married. They talked about how they felt about the war and how they wanted to join the brotherhood. They saw how perfect they were for each other and that’s when they really started to fall in love with each other, and fall in true love not just sexual love.