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How to secure financing as a small business owner

Being an entrepreneur can often be stressful, and while you have managed to bring your brand into the market, you might currently be struggling from a financial point of view, and monetary support may be required to keep your business going, or to obtain growth. Regardless of the exact purpose you currently need financing for, […]

6 Effective Content Marketing Strategies You May Have Overlooked

Today’s audience of potential customers is better informed than any other generation. They also have the power to shop and compare easily and almost effortlessly. The internet, social media, and apps have forced us to think differently and invent new strategies for marketing. It’s time to think about how we can keep customers returning and […]

What Is the Macro Environment in Business Analysis?

In business analysis, we tend to focus our research on individual markets and industries, without paying attention to the greater, so-called macro environment. But what exactly is the macro environment, and why should you care? The macro environment is the broader business environment across all markets and industries. It takes into account the size and […]

Macro Environment Examples in the Real World

In one of our recent posts, we introduced you to the concept of the macro environment: the broader business environment affecting all markets and industries. In this article, we’re going to walk you through some real-world examples of the macro environment — but first, let’s review the factors affecting the macro environment. Example Factors in […]

7 Crucial Macro Environment Factors to Include in Your Analysis

Macro environment analysis is a fantastic business analysis tool for getting a better grasp of the greater business environment in which you operate. As we explained in another post, the macro environment itself is the broader business environment across all markets and industries — especially referring to the national or international economy. Before you can […]

How to Make a Business Plan for Any Business

Here’s the truth: Every business needs a business plan. There are no exceptions. A business plan serves as a document that outlines who the business is, why it exists, and how it expects to increase success in the short and long term. It’s also a handy directional guideline outlining your major goals, accomplishments, and details […]

What Is Market Analysis and When you Need to Conduct one

Market analysis is the process of assessing the size and nature of a market. Market analyses are most often used by enterprises of all sizes to determine the attractiveness of a new market; in these cases, the quality of the market analysis might make or break the success of big business decisions. With that in […]

What Is Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)?

Comparative market analysis, known in short as CMA, is a tool used in the real estate industry to estimate the value of a home. The basic premise of comparative market analysis is to calculate a property’s value based on the average price per square foot or price per square meter of similar, recently sold properties […]

Market Analysis Example: Smartphone Industry

Market analysis is the comprehensive assessment of the quantitative and qualitative nature of a target market or industry. It can take into account a wide range of variables, and it’s up to you to decide which of these variables will be the most helpful for analyzing the chosen market. Although this freedom may sound like […]

Market Analysis Definition (With Explanation and Examples)

You might know that market analysis is an extremely powerful business tool, but what exactly is the definition of market analysis? In short, market analysis is a complete assessment of the size and nature of a given market or industry. It takes into account both quantitative factors, such as the volume and value of the […]

What Is Strategic Market Analysis?

Here at PESTLE Analysis, we discuss a variety of topics related to business analysis, but we’ve never introduced you to the concept of strategic market analysis. So what is strategic market analysis, and why should you care? Although strategic market analysis has no dictionary definition, it can be understood as any market analysis which pertains […]

Serviced Offices in Thailand and How They Can Help Your Business

If you’re looking for excitement and adventure, there are few locations as fitting as Thailand. Whether you’ve got a great idea you want to launch in a fertile market, or you’re eying up an overseas expansion, this corner of the world has a lot to offer. Crucially, part of its charm and suitability can be […]

Managing the Expectations of an Instructor Audience

Managing the expectations of your audiences is instrumental in succeeding in your academic assignments. This demand is more challenging especially when you are writing to your instructors. We know that most of your primary readers in college will be your professors. However, if you know what they expect from you, you do not have to […]

How to identify the target audience for your product

Identifying the target audience, you make a power move to your business prosperity. Before starting an advertising campaign, you should clearly imagine who these people are. Lots of businessmen make a mistake considering their product to be desirable to all. By and large, this is not true. To make your product sell, you should narrow […]

7 Tips for Creating Effective Business Plans

A business plan is a written set of achievable goals and the means to attaining them. Business plans can be a great way to keep your business on track and maximize productivity in the workplace, but only if done correctly! In this article, we’ll be going over 7 tips that will help you create more […]

How to Push Sales Within your E-Cig Shop

E-cigarettes are a phenomenon that seem to be here to last. After all, we finally have a method to help us quit smoking that involves all the same rituals we associate with physically smoking a cigarette, the same of which can’t be said for nicotine patches or gum! A lot of E-cigarette/vaping stores have flooded […]

How To Sue A Business For Personal Injury

You would be surprised to learn how many people are injured by businesses every year. This could be a simple slip and fall in a store or maybe a product-related injury. Whatever the situation is, you need to know that if you are injured at the hands of a business, you can take legal action. […]

How To Find New Business Ideas In Everyday Life

Starting a business can be a fun and exciting process. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be a lot of hard work and everything won’t always go as expected. This is especially true in today’s competitive economy. With that being said, before you even open your doors for business you are going to need […]

Top-10 Interesting Topics for Persuasive Essay

If you are looking for some compelling, persuasive essay topics, stop. The ideas you will find here will surely inspire you and give you some new ideas. By the way, the list of topics you will read below can be used not only by college students but also by teachers who are going to assign […]

Ideas to Help You Manage Your Audience Expectations

Understanding and managing the expectations of your readers is critical in the process. Besides writing to show your level of understanding, term paper help believes that your readers should be at the center of all your writing assignments. In fact, the success of your papers depends largely on how you satisfy your primary and secondary […]

Beginner’s Cookbook to Preparing Great Essays

When looking through some of most common and frequent student queries on the Internet, you may find lots of questions concerning essay writing. Some people simply beg, “Who can do my essay?” Indeed, essay writing is one of the compulsory and utterly important academic duties. It is needed to evaluate mastery and knowledge of students. […]

Business Writing Services: GRADE Is Guaranteed

Business writing is harder than most students can imagine in their dreams about business – you’re just sitting in an armchair and drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Dreaming in such a way? Business writing starts to disappoint students as soon as they spend so much time trying to come up with an authentic […]

How To Balance Academics And Work As A Student Entrepreneur

Source: Bjorn Oberg As we all know, scoring good grades and running a business isn’t an easy task. Academia is very demanding and requires a lot of time and effort to get right, especially those pesky referencing styles. Nonetheless, we must keep in mind that when life gives us lemons, we make lemonade. Sometimes we […]

How Does Bad Content Affect The Success Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is an important component of any marketing strategy nowadays because marketers currently emphasize promotion in social media. High-quality content makes huge marketing effect on potential customers as they feel like getting closer to brands. On the contrary, bad marketing can cause harm to brand reputation. In this article, we will consider the consequences […]

Business Travel Analysis: Why are ESTA holders denied entry to the USA?

In recent months, there have been numerous stories in the news about travelers being denied access to the USA despite having applied for – and been granted – an ESTA, the online US entry system which replaced the 194W form for entry into the States. A closing door It’s long been known that gaining citizenship […]

What if Santa Claus was a Digital Marketer

Santa Claus makes lists and checks them twice. He’s got killer brand recognition and millions of families love him. No one is a better candidate to be a digital marketer than Old Saint Nick! But what would it mean for Santa Claus to be a top-tier digital marketer? He’d use an array of marketing and […]

5 Qualities That Make A Great Business Analyst

What leads a business analyst from simply “good” to “great?” Education and credentials play a role. The software helps. But that’s not it. Consider this: If you were a business owner, would you want to work with someone who stumbles through a conversation? Do they visibly sweat when meeting your eye? What about the person […]

5 Questions Project Managers Should Ask Companies Before Hiring

You come across a job post for a project manager that seems to fit you perfectly. You get into the interview room and everything is going well. And now, the interviewer asks if you have any questions. Do you? Of course. Asking questions makes you seem interested in the job (you are), but it’s also […]

5 Steps to Become a Successful Project Manager

Project managers handle a lot of responsibility. They’re in charge of selecting and leading teams, managing budgets, and if the project is a failure, the project manager takes the heat. You’ll find project managers in many different industries, from construction to music, because wherever there’s a project, a manager is sure to be there. But […]

How to Get Inspiration for Business and Transfer It to Others?

Believe you can and you’re halfway there. —Theodore Roosevelt Have you ever wondered why inspiration is so crucial for businessmen? How can a simple word boost people’s imagination, productivity, and creativity? Inspiration is a complicated happening, but it is achievable by everyone. Read how to make it your best friend below. The Definition of Inspiration […]