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'Not so Modern' Love

In the excerpt of George Meredith’s Modern Love, the author explores the realities of “modern love” and the pain it causes. The sixteen line sonnet expresses the feelings and views of a miserably married couple, who suffer in spite of their true feelings; the married couple embodies the ideal “modern love” relationship, privately living in […]

WWII and the Cold War: The World's Haunting Past

World war II brought countries together as quickly as it tore them apart, resulting in many conflicts that plagued our countries, regions, and most definitely the entire globe. Some of these issues were resolved while others remained, leaving scars that will forever taint our world. The complexity of these issues where met with equally complex […]

Singin' in the Rain

On March 17 1952, hundreds of people gathered at New York Radio Hall. As flashing lights beckoned them to enter the theater, they stepped inside, not knowing that they were about to witness something incredible. Anxiously waiting, the audience grabbed their popcorn and sat in their comfortable theater chairs. They did not know what to […]

Bloodsuckers: Walking Among Us?

It is the dead of night. Darkness encircles the suburban home, overshadowing every object and any aspect of light. Silence infiltrates the air around her room. A slight breeze blows in from the open window, and she stirs sleepily in bed. All of a sudden, an icy cool, wisp of air brushes against the back […]

A Medical Nightmare

Fear. We all have felt it. We all know the extreme distress and feeling of unknowing that comes along with it. But, what if you felt this feeling every single day, all day? From when you open your eyes in the morning to when you close them at night? Think just how scary the world […]

Human Nature

Mark Twain once said “Anger is a acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured”.and it relates to Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, because Homer relate anger to Odysseus as true human nature throughout hisjourney. For instance, in Homer poem Odysseus […]

A Christ Figure: An In-Depth Analysis into Lord of the Flies

In modern art, literature, and pop culture, there are subtle yet suggestive clues that allude to a parallel between certain characters and Jesus Christ, the former classified as ‘Christ figures.’ The son of God, Christ is the divine embodiment within human flesh; he represents bliss and all that is innately good in the universe. Though […]

What's the Truth About the IOS 7 update for all Apple Products?

Has your phone been messing up? Well there is a solution! The IOS 7 update apparently doesn’t work the way it says it suppose too. Studies say that a few months after the IOS 7 update came out, they forced another update out that was suppose to “fix bugs and improve speed”. It did the […]


Religions are forms of practices meant to praise a higher being. So why are there so many if the main purpose is the same? Over the years, different peoples of the world developed views of how to serve their master correctly. The result of this led to the creation of around 20 major religions. One […]