What's the Truth About the IOS 7 update for all Apple Products?

Has your phone been messing up? Well there is a solution! The IOS 7 update apparently doesn’t work the way it says it suppose too. Studies say that a few months after the IOS 7 update came out, they forced another update out that was suppose to “fix bugs and improve speed”. It did the exact opposite.

they added bugs and they made your IPhone slower. The reason they didthat was so you would think that your phone was junk and you would buy the new one… Also if you have an iPhone 5, 5c, 5S the top of the iPhone is slanted and off center. When the IOS 7 update came out everyone thought it was going to be the best update ever and it was going to look really cool.

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It does look really cool but it’s not so cool on the inside. The update just added bugs and really big viruses to the iPhones, but if you ask Apple they will say, “It’s all for good causes, and there is nothing wrong.” The biggest virus they sent out went to your battery, so if your phone hasn’t held charge or it doesn’t charge all the way then it is probably the bug that’s messing it up, not your phone. If you’re having problems, contact Apple at visiting their website, or going to your nearest Apple store.