It’s a plague it’s getting to everyone. No one man can stop it, it just grows and consumes us all. It kills your personality to the point were u can’t name one good accomplishment in your life…Except finally reaching 1,000 follows on Instagram or Twitter. Lives wasted and forgotten, for a double tap or retweet it’s an addiction.

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2.We as a people lack social skills, we can’t even look eachother in the eye when we speak. We would rather post up a selfie showing our reflections than reflect on ourselves to ourselves. People care about being bigger, better, and taking the next big step when as a society…as a person we need to slow down. You can call someone best friend but what do u know about them that makes you guys choose to call each other friend but if it wasn’t for their instagram timeline you wouldn’t know a thing about them. You would rather post a pic instead of doing a homework assignment and waiting til the last minute to do an assignment.

3.In many cases it shows that being on your phone too much can lead your to obesity. The more you have your face stuck in a screen leads to not having a healthy lifestyle. It is hard to just leave your phone at your house and go on a walk for a hour or 2 but that is what is needed. Also the tolerance/patience in kids and teens have decreased in recent years because of improper use of technology. This leads too bad behavior believe it or not people get angered quickly and more furiously because of simple things such as their pages not loading fast enough.

4.Many social networks have a type of messager where they can chat with their friends. But that is actually a bad thing because the more you type and reply the more your writing skills decline. The more you type the more your basic skills begin to fade away. Major companies sell things that is everything u want so they can make a buck and not care about other peoples lives. They don’t care if you’re a 40 year old man that has a heart problem but aslong as you buy their newest Phones, Tablets, or Laptops then your ok to them.

5.Not only does using technology disrupt your writing skills it also can change your mood swings. It can be a gateway for teens to get away from life, because some teens are facing family issues they use screen time to get that part of their lives out their mind. Also technology is a big reason why so many teens get caught texting and driving. I love technology I honestly can’t lie I can’t stop thinking about it. But that’s the problem people get more attach to technology than to one another.But to conclude technology is probablythe greatest inventions ever but at the same time its also destroying society and everyone within it.