With Friends Life is Complete

FriendshipSome of the most important people to many are friends.If a friend is in need, they do whatever they can to help.Also, friends care about each other.

They will always love each other no matter what.Lastly, friends trust each other.They are always open to secrets and will never tell another living soul.Friends are always there when you are in need.First off, when a friend needs help, the dearest people to many are there.3 out of 3 people said that they would stop whatever they are doing to help a friend.

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“True friends will always help each other no matter what,” Gabrielle points out.Even if it’s the smallest thing, pals will do their best to help.In the Coca-Cola video, the people helped each other to get the two bottles of Coke.If they didn’t help each other, neither of them would get the Coke.Friends help each other out when in need of assistance.

Secondly, friends care for eachother.In the J. J. Watt video, J. J.

Watt didn’t have to do anything he did for the kids, but he did it anyway.In the book, Suryia and Rosco, when Suryia saw Rosco, they became instant friends and Suryia gave Rosco a big hug.These examples show that these friends really care for eachother.If friends didn’t care for eachother, they wouldn’t have that special bond that truly great companions create.There would be no reason to have friends.

Lastly, friends trust each other.In the book, Suryia and Rosco, Suryia trust Rosco to take her to the other side of the lake.4 out of 5 people said that they would trust a life decision in a best friend’s hands.This shows that most people really trust their pals.In the J.

J. Watt video, J. J. Watt gave the kids his phone number.He had to trust that the kids would not tell anybody, and the kids trusted that he would call or text everyday.True friendship needs trust.All in all, when a peer needs someone, there will always be a friend there.They will help each other, care for eachother, and be there when they need someone to trust.People should be the friend that they want others to be to them.Without friends, we have nobody to depend on in life.With friends, life is complete.