My Best Friends

I have trouble defining my best friend, as I have so many of them. So, here is a rundown of who they are, what they have done for me, or mean to me, and then a decision as to whom is my best friend.Jenny MaxturnShe is 16yrs old with two very hot brothers and a half-black mum.

This means that she always looks as if she has a light tan, even if she has been indoors all winter. When I first moved to my school, she was the only one who really talked to me. She has lost a lot of weight since then and now she gets all the guys, but she still hangs around with me, which is good because it helps me to stay semi-popular too. I have not been around to her house in years, but she still invites me out when she arranges parties in the fields.Alex QuiteHe is very good-looking and really nice to me. He lives with his mum and turns 16 next month.

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He has the nicest hair and everybody likes him. He is very good at talking to the girls and is always invited over at sleepovers with the group of fat girls from the sociology club. He is always nice to me and tells me how pretty I look, and how much he loves my hair. Even said I make the school uniform look fashionable. He is not allowed around my house anymore because my dad does not like him, but he has always been really sweet to me.Jessica HardachersShe is the one who Alex introduced me to last year when she and her sister were going shoe shopping with him.

She is 16yrs and turns 17yrs over Christmas, which is horrible for her because she doesn’t get a real birthday. Besides introducing me to Alex, she also took the blame for me when I broke the lab microscopes, and she nearly got into a fight with two street kids when they called me an anorexic. I can’t go over to her house because her mum drinks, but she still comes to my house to sleep sometimes and my mum always gives her loads of food.Maddy FishwaterShe is just about to turn 17yrs and has been my friend since kindergarten. She lives with her mum and her slutty sister. She is nothing like me, but we have been friends forever so I don’t mind if she hangs out.

We don’t really have much in common, but we do have the same sense of humor and she always saves me a place in dinner lines and stuff.ConclusionAlex is like a big sister so I will always love him, and Maddy is okay but she is easy to live without. Jenny is really cool but I guess we are growing apart, and I get the feeling that I am a bit like her version of Maddy. So, I guess Jessica is my best friend because she does more stuff for me and stays over the most.