Friends Are Not Friends

In life, people are sometimes rewarded when they achieve above and beyond expectations. These rewards could be big rewards or they could be small.

No matter the size of then reward, it still should be appreciated. Whenever I do work, I put forth every effort to do my best because I love to be rewarded. School is a place that most of my rewards come from. One reward that had a great impact on my life was the all expense trip to Disney World. This trip was fun in a way but it was also a life changing experience for me.

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Well, before the trip was actually confirmed, the school held an assembly in the gym in the middle of the previous school year. This assembly was basically used to get everyone to focus more on making higher scores, knowing that a trip to the “Wonderful” Disney World was the incentive. When all of the students in the gym heard of this fantastic news, the vibe in the place became ecstatic. Everyone in the gym had an inner urge to attend the field trip, but only a select few was willing put in the effort in the time of taking the test. After hearing about the wonderful reward that came with making a mastery or higher on the state testing, I started to buckle down on my work.

I put in more and more time everyday on learning new techniques in Math and English. On days that I wasn’t learning new techniques, I had people to help me understand lessons that I had problems with. As you can see, I was seriously about redeeming this fantastic award after testing. From the day of the informational assembly to the last day before testing, I kept a serious mind state when it came down to schoolwork. I knew in my heart that I was capable of making the standard, or even excelling it, of the test and that I deserved to be on that charter bus to Disney World in the fall. So the first day had finally arrived, and I was more than ready.

Once the teacher handed out the test booklets and answers keys, finished going over the rules and regulations, and gave the okay to start, I was on the roll. I went through the math part with ease. That was my favorite subject so I knew from the start that I wasn’t going to have little to any problems at all. After completing a day of math, the next day came the English part. English is not the best subject in the world but I made an effort to apply the knowledge that I did have so that I could make a decent grade.

After the Reading and English part of the test was over, the test was finally completed. I was glad to see the last test question. It’s like a relief came over me because all of the stressing was finally over. Now it was time for me to anticipate the results. Well time started to pass, and May finally came around.

The results were in and everyone was anxious to know whether they made mastery or higher. The school official called another assembly to tell the student body the results of the test. Our Assistant Principal Mrs. Franklin started to announce the names once everyone was settled into their appointed sections. “Raven Boutte, Rayna Pound, Breanna Jenkins”, Mrs.

Franklin announced, beckoning for the people names she called to stand up. My insides began to jump at the sound of my name being called. I was glad that I had reached the standard to attend this amazing incentive trip that was coming up in the fall. Time flew by and before I knew it, it was time for the trip. I packed for the trip the whole week before leaving, and then the day finally came.

Not knowing everything that this trip was going to have in store, I was anxious to get away. The bus ride, as I expected, was long and miserable, but that didn’t even matter to me at the time. I was just glad that my reward for my hard work was finally paying off. When we reached the amusement park I found the person that I had planned to be with the whole time. His name was Bryan Keith Walker.

Well at least I thought that we were going to be together the whole trip, but that kind of changed after the second day. My mom always told me that the people who I thought was my friends really weren’t. I could never understand why she would say that up until that day. I had been with Bryan the whole day until he got mad with me about something that someone else told him. After he explained whatever the person had told him, he didn’t even give me a chance to explain my side of the story. I became with the fact that he wasn’t listening to me, so I started to become angry.

I began yelling and I had to catch myself. After that incident, Bryan stopped talking to me. Not only did he stop talking to me, but everybody else that I thought were my friends on the trip, stopped talking to me as well, except for Shelley Banks and Kayla Young. I couldn’t believe that that was actually happened. I felt like they were my friends and were supposed to be there and talk to me no matter what.

That day, my whole perspective on friendship changed. I realized that friends are not really your friends, well at least most of them aren’t. In friendships, the two individuals should be able to work out any problem and not listen to he say, she say drama. I could not understand why he didn’t want to work things out. That let me know that just because people smile in my face and call themselves my friend from time to time, the friendship is not always sincere.

Sincere friendship can outstand any obstacles that may come up between them. Friends Are NOT Friends