The Differences Between Two Friends

The story “Macbeth” was written by William Shakespeare, and took place in Scotland and England. Macbeth tells a story of one friend who rose to power and the friend he lost on the way.

The story also shows how ones belief in the supernatural world can change his life forever. The two main characters in the story are Macbeth and Macduff; the two are friends who have two totally different outlooks on life. The lead character, who is Macbeth, can be viewed as being the total opposite of Macduff. The difference in the character of Macbeth to that of Macduff is greedy, selfish, and superstitious. The character Macbeth was a simple man who let greed ruin his life.

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Macbeth became greedy for power after Act 1 of the play. This greed for power led him to kill King Duncan, who was also his cousin. The more power Macbeth gained, the greedier he became. Macbeth’s greed can also be viewed in Act 3, when he has Banquo murdered in order to keep power. Nevertheless, at the end of the play, it is his greed to help bring about his downfall.

Macbeth was a poor ruler of Scotland and a great dealer of his rules, which had to do with his selfishness. Macbeth selfishness can be viewed throughout the play “Macbeth”. One example, of Macbeth’s selfishness is when he has Banquo murdered for personal gain. Another example, of Macbeth’s selfish acts is when he became king of Scotland, even though Malcolm is the rightful king. However, unlike Macbeth, Macduff on the other hand was an unselfish man, with respect for others.

Superstition began to play a great role in Macbeth’s life, after his first prophecy came true. He believed in the prediction of the witches so much he was willing to kill to help the prophecies come true. Macbeth, so honestly believed in the witches that he will become King of Scotland, that Banquo no man born of a woman could kill him. Some may say that believing in prophecies’ may have been silly. However, all sins of the witches’ predictions came true for Macbeth.

Macduff however, did not seem to be as weak minded as Macbeth when it can to the superstition. The character Macbeth was selfish, greed, and superstitious; these three things made him the total opposite of Macduff. Macbeth’s greed for power helped to ruin the life in which he wished for. The character Macbeth selfishness leads him to seeking revenge for every little thing. Because Macbeth was superstitious he believed more in three witches’ prediction than in fate.

In the end Macbeth selfishness, greed, and believing superstition all lead to death that was inevitable.