Everyone Needs a Friend

Friendshelpeach otheroutallthetime.Theycare,haveeachother’sback, anddefendeachotherwhentheyaregettingbullied.Theylaugh,smile,even if someone says a really bad joke or they want to play game that someone else does not want to, friends will smile and play the game because the do not want each other to feel bad.Friends may tend to get sad or depressed, but there friends will always always be there for them, they would do anything to make each other feel better no matter what the cost is.

People need friends to live, without them, people would be very lonely in life. If people did not have any friends, they would struggle because they would be lonely, and they would have to do everything by themselves. For Example, in J.J Watt, the kids were paralyzed so they were different than everyone else, and it would be hard for them to make friends. But J.

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J Watt showed up one evening, and taught them how to shoot hoops, gave them his phone number, went with them to a Justin Bieber concert, and he also did a dance on live TV. It’s really important to have a friend, no matter who anyone is.Friends have eachother’s back, stand up for each other, make them laugh and smile. If someone ever bullied someone, and the person who is getting bullied is lonely, they have no one to defend them because they do not have any friends. Also, people need friends to make them laugh.

For example, in Suryia and Rosco, Rosco was hungry, and Suryia came and gave him part of her banana. When they went to go swimming, Suryia, (the Orangutan) didn’t know how to swim, so she climbed onto Rosco’s back and they went swimming together. Imagine a life without any friends, no one to care for them. It would be terrible, people would do everything by themselves, and it would make everything much harder. People would not have any interest in life, since there is nothing good in it.If anyone is ever sad, or depressed, friends will always be there to comfort you.

If a family member or a relative died, people would need friends to comfort them. Just imagine going through all of that but not having any friends. People would have no one to comfort them, it would be really sad. For example, in the coca-cola video, everyone needed to help eachother out to get a coke. And no one said no, but they all contributed and all became friends.

Everyone needs a friend, no matter who it is. Even if people do not like one another, they could talk to each other and become good friends. Because a life without friends is not worth living.Pals help one another out every time they need help. Friends have eachother’s back, anddefendeachotherwhentheyaregettingbullied.Theylaugh,smile, even when do not want to, they will not make each other feel bad.

Friends may tend to get sad or depressed, but friends will always be there to help eachother out all the way.This is why everyone needs a friend.