A Friend

“This will be a great day today !!” Those were my words as a rolled over from bed the morning of October 4 , 2013 . I got out of bed and did my daily rutine of getting ready every morning .

As I got on the bus , my friend gave me a bag of candy and an energy drink . “Could tthis day get any better ?” , I thought to myself . After third bell , I was walking in the hall way with my boyfriend . My one of my bestfriends sister came up crying . I hugged her to comfort her , thinking maybe it was boy problems or drsma that had made her upset and crying .

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Boy , I wish that it would have been boy problems or drama . Come to find out her sister , one of my best friends was in the hospital , she had over doesed on pills . I froze when the words came out of her mouth . I started to cry ..

My suzy was in the hospital for trying to commit suicide . The doctors didnt think she would make it , i was worried out of my mind . Suzy promised me she wouldnt try to commit suicide again , SHE PROMISED . I felt like my world to a hit from a big avalanche . As the day progress , I moped around . I cried in almost all my classes , I was worried sick .

Id talk to suzys sister every chance i had . I kept blaming my self . Thinking of all of the things i could have done better to help her and all the things i could have prevented from happening . Later that day i found out suzy was physically ok but not mentally , not at all . She has been in the hospital for a week and will be in there for much longer .

She is not allowed to have visitors , or i would be up there everyday to see and spend time with her . So if you have a friend , who is suicidal and cuts , PLEASE be there for them as much as you can be . I dont know what i would have done if i lost suzy ..