Spend Time With Your Friend

FriendshipFriends will always stay with friends no matter what. They will work with Friends on group projects. People will go out of their way to help others. Others can also play with friends.

Friendship can make a big impact in people’s life.When working on something, a person may ask a friendto help. During the J. J. Watts video, J. J.

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Wats helped the Burly kids make new dances and with basket ball practice. In Suryia and Roscoe on page 23 Roscoe help Suryia across the water. It will help you to work with others, but people can usually rely upon someone they trust. Because someone has a friend then they will both go out of their way to help each other.A true way to tell if a friend cares is if they go out of their way to help their friends.

In the J. J. Watts video, J. J. Watts went to a Justin Beiber concert because the Hurley kids liked him.

On account of Suryia and Roscoe, Roscoe followed Suryia to the animal center and Suryia gave Roscoe food.If someone goes out of their way for their friend and the other way arount then their really is a friendship.Even when it is not important to someone, if it is important to their friend they will do it.Everyone should try to help their friends even it is as small as trying a new game with them.Having fun can make a person happy but if they have a friend then they will have ten times the fun.

In the J. J. Watts video, J.J. was sent the Hurley kids house to play with them and it helped them to get past their sorrows and made them so happy.In Suryia and Roscoe the two had so much fun playing together with bubbles and that made their friendship really big.

Playing with friends can lighten the mood so much because they do not play competitively but for fun.They will always help you when you do not know the rules.Friends will always make an impact in people’s lives.They never leave their friend in need as long as they can help.They will not turn away when people need help.Most will also have fun and help others have fun.People should go out and spend time with your friend.